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Promise Me the Stars by Norah Wilson

Title: Promise Me the Stars
Author: Norah Wilson
My Rating: B+

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: The Standish Clan #3
Main Characters: Scott and April
Release Date: March 2016
Publisher: -
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Scott Standish has been a rambling man since his mother got sick way back when he was eighteen. Unable to watch her die, he left home after graduation and kept roaming. 

But when he goes home to Harkness, New Brunswick for a Thanksgiving visit, he discovers he’s got a stowaway—ten-year-old Sid the Kid, his sidekick from the job he just left. For once, moving on had been hard, and not just because of Sid. The attraction between him and Sid’s mother, chef April Morgan, is electric. But she’s a single mom needing stability, and he plans to keep moving. 

When April comes to Harkness to retrieve Sid, she does so in a car packed with all her worldly possessions, having been fired from her position over her daughter’s behavior. When Scott realizes her predicament, he offers her domestic employment. 

With no place to go and no one to turn to, April and Sidney make a home at the Standish farm. Her daughter is thrilled, rapidly becoming attached to the dog and the family despite April’s reminders that it’s only temporary. Scott Standish might be tied to the farm for a few months, but she knows he’ll settle nowhere, least of all in Harkness. April can’t afford to take a chance with her heart, or her daughter’s. So she has no choice but to fight the yearning that grows stronger inside her every day.

My Review:
Scott is not a relationship guy. He knows it. April knows it. He won't ever be that guy, so it's not fair for him to get involved with April...and it's certainly not fair for her ten year old daughter Sid. The thing is, Scott loves his home. The home that he can't manage to stay at, but he shows his love by sharing his stories about it to Sid. She believes every word especially when it comes to the magic of wishes. This is a young girl who needs the magic of wishes to be real.

But for a couple of months Scott has to stay home to help out. That just happens to coincide with April needing help too, and Scott can't ignore a damsel in need. But it's temporary, and everyone is very clear on that...Sid, April, and Scott. No one can get settled into this situation. It's not going to last. (You can see how this is going to go, right?)

This book is about two people that are afraid to commit and one little girl who needs the stability of commitment more than anything. Over this series, I've fallen in love with the Standish clan. April and Sid add so much to this little family. Arden, the family patriarch, talks about the life Sid adds to the farm and I have to agree. That sweet little girl made this book. She was fabulous and I loved how strong her belief was. She just knew that if she wished hard enough that it would all work out. 

At the same time, my heart broke for Scott. He's so messed up by all that he lost when he was a kid. There were moments when I just wanted to mourn for him...and I did shed a few tears over his realizations at the end. That scene between him and his Uncle Arden...PERFECTION! 

April has her scars, too, but nothing ever wavers with her...her devotion to making sure her daughter knows she is loved and trying to do what's best for Sid. She hasn't had an easy time of it, but I loved that she's a chef and the whole April Dawn's story line and how it turned out to be such amazing quality time for the mother/daughter duo. 

This whole series has been great. Norah Wilson is known for her amazing romantic suspense, but I'm here to tell you that her contemporary romance is just as good. Every single one of these three stories took on a completely different feel, but they were all amazingly good. I've fallen in love with this family and highly recommend the Standish Clan be added to your TBR.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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