Friday, March 18, 2016

Backlash by Jack L. Pyke

Title: Backlash
Author: Jack L. Pyke
My Rating: A

Genre: Erotic Romantic Thriller (m/m/m)
Series: Don't #4
Main Characters: Gray, Jack, and Jan
Release Date: January 2016
Publisher: Forbidden Fiction
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Novel (126,000 words)
Genres: Thriller, Gay, Romance, BDSM

In the aftermath of Jack Harrison’s release from the psychiatric unit, Gray Raoul’s first instinct is to take brutal revenge on the one responsible for financing Jack’s and Jan’s torturous psychological reconditioning. However, that person is a plays the game dangerously well, knows exactly how to manipulate everyone in Gray’s life. To help negotiate this delicate situation, Gray contacts Trace and his ex-Diadem Dom, Gabriel Hunter. But the more Gray seems to regain control, the clearer it becomes that there’s something not quite right about Jan Richards. Jan quickly unravels, taking Jack and Gray with him, and bringing out one particularly deadly player, Gray’s left with one last defence: break Jack down in order to partner up with his alter ego, Martin. But once freed, Martin has plans of his own, and he wants to make it personal with Gray. Complete trust between Master and sub, between Gray and Jack, will be tested to the absolute limit. (M/M)

My Review:
This series always hurts my heart and this book was no different. These poor guys just can't catch a break. They're still reeling from everything that happened to Jan and Jack months before when this book begins...and at the heart-beyond their continued healing-is that the person who funded their torture still hasn't been found. Gray is still investigating as they try to rebuild their lives. 

But while Jack is doing a bit better after 5 months in a psychiatric ward, Jan is quickly unraveling. And honestly, Gray isn't dealing with things so well either. He's this big, badass and his boys...the people he loves most in this world...were stolen from him and violated in the worst possible way and he wasn't able stop stop that from happening. This book is told from Gray's point of view and I love how open he is in this book with Jan and Jack. Up until now he's been this big enigma...even for Jack and Jan. But secrets got them to this bad place so he's doing whatever he can to heal them all...and that means he opens up...about everything. I loved that so much. I also loved how the guys are now willing to talk about their emotions. 

And that's not the end to the honesty. They want to heal, they want to find their way back to one another. Honesty is a part of that. The only one who isn't quite there is Jan...and his breakdown in this book hurt especially knowing he's been their solidity to this point. 

There is no easy healing after what they've been through and I love that Jack L. Pyke never took the easy route and made it so that they could just sink back into their previous lifestyle/relationship. They so aren't there anymore and she was so honest about that. As a result, the sex scenes are fairly light in this book (comparatively speaking compared to the other books in the series...compared to anything else out there, there's still TONS of sexy times to sink your teeth into). 

I love this triad so much. While the books and stories hurt, I can see them getting stronger in each of the stories...their relationship getting stronger. Even Martin...I never thought I would fall for him the way that I did in this one. "You're welcome."...OMG, can you hear me sobbing through my screen. That was all so beautifully written and I bow to Jack's writing brilliance. I can't imagine how she writes these books so freaking perfectly. Every little twist and it just gets better. 

Note: This is a series where you need to read all the books, but be warned...they are dark, psychological thrillers and some of the content could really bother some people. 

I love Gray, Jan, and Jack...and yes, even Martin. I am so, so happy that this isn't the end for their story. I'm ready for more because, yeah...Martin. Someday there will be a happy, right?

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