Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hiding in Plain Sight by Angela Evans

Title: Hiding in Plain Sight
Author: Angela Evans
My Rating: B+

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Hidden Dangers
Main Characters:Kierra and Bryan
Release Date: February 2016
Publisher: Evernight
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Back Cover Blurb:
Kierra Centerand was once vivacious and outgoing, that all changed the night her stepfather killed her family in an explosion that authorities wrote off as an accident. Now, ten years later Kierra has returned to the small town of Briarview to find answers, confront her demons, and see if she can finally move on with her life. Not much has changed, Briarview is still the quaint, charming, small town Kierra left behind. Only now her high school boyfriend is the sheriff, and her stepfather is somewhere in the town, hiding in plain sight. 

When Bryan Donaldson sees Kierra again for the first time he is surprised, she’s no longer the fun blonde he remembers, but rather she’s shy, prone to panic attacks, and hiding from the world. When Kierra’s stepfather starts making threats, Bryan is determined to keep her safe in his arms, and in his bed, for life.

My Review:
Oooh, I think I have a new romantic suspense author to follow. This was a good book. Confession time...I love second chance at love stories and this was a REALLY good one. 

Okay, so the night when they were teenagers, Bryan and Kierra had the perfect night making out in the back of his truck at a party. She went home...on cloud nine...and arrived just in time to watch her grandparents house explode with everyone she loved inside it. After that she got caught up in the foster care system and never saw Bryan again. 

In the book, it's ten years later and Kierra is back in this small town to prove that her stepfather murdered her family. Bryan is now the sheriff and willing to revisit all that chemistry that is still there between them. And then the book takes off from there...because Kierra's stepfather is still out there and sees his chance at the girl he didn't get the first time. *cue threatening music here*

But seriously, this was a really good read. It's not super-long, but it's plenty long enough to experience the great chemistry between Bryan and Kierra. That night was the best and worst of Kierra's life and it left deep scars. She is not the same person as that 16 year old girl Bryan knew, but slowly she starts to evolve and come out of her shell...which I loved, but it also terrified me that when her stepfather did attack that she would lose all that forward progression she made. I won't say anything else about that because I don't want to spoil anything, but I love how strong of a character Kierra is even when she doesn't see all. 

When she left she was terrified. She spent the last ten years learning how to fight and stand up for herself and when it counts, all that training came through. I really did love her. 

The set-up of the story is great, but I also loved the small town the story is set in. It truly becomes its own character and personality, especially in how it evolves in Kierra's viewpoint. 

Overall this was just a really well-done romantic suspense. I definitely recommend it. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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