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Her Forever Hero by Melody Anne

Title: Her Forever Hero
Author: Melody Anne
My Rating: B

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Unexpected Heroes #3
Main Characters: Cam and Grace
Release Date: February 2016
Publisher: Pocket
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Growing up in a big adoptive family, gorgeous small-town attorney Cam has always had a life rich with love. But the one thing he’s missing is the perfect woman to grow old and raise a family with—and send sparks flying on those cold Montana nights! Still, Cam knows if it wasn’t for his caring parents and brothers, he wouldn’t be where he is today, so he tries to pay it forward whenever he can. And if the client happens to be a modern-day damsel in distress, he’ll happily don a suit of shining armor. This time, his sister-in-law’s best friend Grace is in serious trouble, and Cam’s determined to get his smart, beautiful client off the hook. But as attorney-client privilege brings Cam and Grace closer than they ever imagined, the sexual tension heats up. It’s clear before the gavel comes down that the verdict is going to be red hot!
My Review:
Overall, this was a very enjoyable read for me. The hero is 4 years older than the heroine and they were involved when she was 18 and he was 22. After a series of misunderstandings, they broke up. For Cam, that was heartbreaking. He was sure she was his forever girl. For Grace it was another blow in a line of devastating heartbreaks where once again a person in her life that she loved let her down completely. 

So when they meet up again ten years later, Cam wants them to have another chance, but Grace is a no-go. Been there. Done that. Had her heart broken. Won't be doing that again. Grace's backstory broke my heart. On paper, she's had a storybook life...society princess, but that's hiding horrible parents and a line of people who have let her down and hurt her. And unfortunately Cam is also one of those people, no matter that he's truly a good guy. But I felt for him, too, because he wants them to work so much. Between that and the fact that he's so protective of Grace. He's trying to save her although she doesn't accept that she's truly in danger...from anything. 

There's an element of suspense to this story that helped to heighten the need-to-turn-the-page-right-now aspect and I love that. 

But with that being said, this is an author that I'm just not sure is for me. I DNF'ed the last book in this series. This one was definitely better, but there were still scenes where I found myself rolling my eyes...either at the cliche wording during sex scenes, or the completely over the top reactions from the characters. I don't understand that, because it's not something I have an issue with throughout the entire book. Just certain scenes set my teeth on edge. If I battle through reading those, I find myself in love with the book in the next chapter again. I've NEVER had that issue with another author and I honestly don't understand it. 

So take that as you will. Not a completely positive review on this one, but there was enough of the story that I absolutely loved that I would definitely recommend it. Also note....I think my reaction is a rarity with this author, because most people truly love every bit of the story. Honestly, I'm sad that I don't. Because when the scenes work for me, they are 5-star working for me. Maybe the next time I get one of her books I should block off the time to read it all in one sitting and see if I still have a problem. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review. 

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