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No Obligation Required by Kelly Jamieson

Title: No Obligation Required
Author: Kelly Jamieson
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Brew Crew #2
Main Characters: Bailey and Mason
Release Date: January 2016
Publisher: Samhain
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
To err is human, to forgive is against his policy.

Bailey Harris is eager to move up at Huxworth Packard. Her mentor advises her to network more after hours. But that means she’ll have to reveal the reason she rushes out of the office at five o’clock on the dot—and it’s not for happy hour Cosmos.

On the other hand, more office time means more opportunities to feast her eyes on the firm’s executive creative director, the gorgeous, brilliant Mason Ward.

Mason sure has noticed the sweet, sexy media girl, but with a past that left his heart an echo chamber, his focus is on work. The occasional itch he scratches with meaningless, emotionless hook-ups. Though he’s determined to keep his hands off Bailey, he can’t resist when she makes it very clear she wants his hands on. 

They’re on the same sexy page about their relationship—Bailey doesn’t have the time, and Mason doesn’t have the heart. But when meaningless sex suddenly becomes very meaningful, they find themselves in dangerous emotional waters.

Warning: This book contains a girl with a mad crush, a mad man with a mysterious past, secrets, lies, and shoes.
My Review:
Just like the first book in this series, I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I liked this book. This series is so smart and fun...I really do like it...and I don't know why that keeps surprising me. I should know by now that I really do enjoy this author's writing. And even she compares the office where the whole series takes place to Mad Men, the show, and I can totally see that. And this story pairs an unlikely couple. 

On paper, Bailey is a young, single, attractive girl. She's only 25 and doesn't have much responsibility in the advertising firm yet. She's a bombshell...long blonde hair and a really nice figure...but that definitely doesn't always work for her as people underestimate her. She actually has a ton of responsibility and life on her plate. She's never been able to be the happy-go-lucky, carefree single girl that everyone expects her to be. 

Several tiers up the executive ladder at the ad firm is Mason. He's significantly older than her at 36...but he also is dealing with a lot personally. Neither one of these people want or can handle a relationship, but their chemistry sizzles so they agree upon a sexual relationship...when they can manage it. For Bailey that isn't very often because of all the responsibilities in her life. And as things are apt to do...emotions get involved although that was never part of the plan or the bargain. 

What I like about this series is just how deeply we get to go into the everyday life of the advertising agency. It's interesting. And since most of this group's focus is on the craft beer market, it makes for some fun ideas and brainstorming sessions. The brew crew is known for their irreverent ways...they are a fun group and that comes through in the stories, too...even though they sometimes go too far. This story had the added benefit of some football thrown in too. Mason is best friends with an ex NFL player and now coaches a kids team. 

It's a fun series and one that I thoroughly enjoy reading. Like I said, it's smart and entertaining. This one had an added detail of some serious angst. Mason has a very good reason for why he doesn't want to get involved again. I won't post any spoilers, but it's extremely emotional and I thought those scenes were written really, really well. I liked both him and Bailey...a lot. They both had great back-stories which made their HEA even sweeter. 

Now I want to know what comes next for the Brew Crew. There was a glimpse of an m/m scene in the restroom which showed for some great conflict. Please, Kelly Jamieson, please tell me we're going to get to see more of those guys!! Please...

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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