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Darker Cravings by Candice Gilmer

Title: Darker Cravings
Author:  Candice Gilmer
My Rating: B

Genre: Erotic Romance (m/f/m)
Series: Mythical Knights #2
Main Characters: Nicole, James and Joseph
Release Date: January 2016
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
She wanted it hot. But is two too hot to handle?

M/F/M menage romance

Mythical Knights, Book 2

When Nicole Bernard realizes her life is so boring, her only excitement is reading spicy romance novels, she resolves to make a change. A huge one—as in pulling up stakes to move across country to Boston, hoping life will go from humdrum to humming in no time.

She’s not even done packing when she gets her first dose of “interesting”. A friend drags her out to a club, where she enjoys a sexy sammich dance with two men who make her blood pump harder than the music.

James Henrick and Joseph Oliver have been looking for someone to complete their vampire trinity bond, and their first taste of Nicole convinces them she’s the one. Though they mean to take their sweet time seducing her, things flare quickly out of control.

One moment, Nicole is asking herself why she has to choose between two tasty morsels like James and Joseph. The next, she’s on a one-way trip to immortality—and she doesn’t even remember buying a ticket.

(Originally released as A Darker Trinity from 2008-2012 with Lyrical Press--expanded and reworked)

Warning: Contains two hot vampires who don’t mind sharing love bites, and a sweet Midwestern woman who realizes she’s not in Kansas anymore when she wakes up with a morning-after migraine from hell.
My Review:
Menage vampires...yeah, this was pretty sexy. James and Joseph have been best friends and companions since they were turned 700 years ago. Since then, they've looked for a third to complete them. And then James meets Nicole and realizes they may just have found the perfect person. Unfortunately in their search for a third, they've made some mistakes...mistakes that could have caused the Knights Templar to kill them. So they're trying to take this very slowly...something that isn't the easiest to do when vampire desires are involved. 

I loved James and Joseph and would have loved to explore their bond more (yes, I'm an m/m girl at heart). While they aren't involved with one another sexually, they are very passionate in bed and that extends to the relationship between them too. It was really sexy and I would have LOVED to have seen more. But what is there is very nice and really very sexy.

Nicole is a little bit harder. She's a romance reader and when she meets these two guys, she has epic fantasies of them as vampires taking her together. But that's the fantasy, not reality...at least that's what she thinks. The reality of them being vampires and having them together in her bed is much, MUCH scarier. Those kinds of things just don't happen in real life...do they? And once she realizes that they do, then she has to deal with the whole sucking blood/monstrous visions of what it takes for them to live. 

Overall, I liked the story. I loved James and Joseph. Nicole had her moments of being really wishy-washy, but a lot happens in her life in a very short amount of time so that's somewhat understandable. I loved the views we got of Adrian and Liam...I love those two, but was a bit confused by the whole Eve situation especially in light of the woman on the roof of the parking garage. What was up with that? Lots of unanswered questions left on this one, especially for the Knights Templar.

My one complaint about this book is that the ending is a bit abrupt. In fact, the feel of the entire book changes in the last 10% of the book and I'm not sure why. Suddenly things were being told instead of happening on the page and the main suspense story line was never resolved. The bad guy wasn't found and our triad weren't going to be the ones to find him because of what they do as the story ends. It just felt a bit...off.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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