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A Fall From Yesterday by Norah Wilson

Title: A Fall From Yesterday
Author: Norah Wilson
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: The Standish Clan #1
Main Characters: Ocean and Titus
Release Date: January 2016
Publisher: Something Shiny Press
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Ocean Siliker has come back to Harkness, New Brunswick in defeat, after failing to set New York on fire with her playwriting. The first item on her agenda? Climbing White Crow Cliff, where her best friend Lacey Douglas died six years ago. If she conquers the mountain, perhaps she can rediscover her courage. But the only thing she finds herself is…lost. 

Family obligations have left Titus Standish stuck in Harkness. While his younger siblings went off into the world, he stayed, working the farm and running the local search and rescue. He was there when Lacey fell to her death and blames himself. He dreads the day another mission takes him up there again. But when Ocean’s mother calls, concerned that her daughter is wandering the mountain, he leaps into action. 

Ocean is thrilled to be found…until she sees her savior. She’s known Titus Standish all her life, and has loved him almost that long. But at four years his junior, she was just a kid with a crush. When Titus finds her, he’s determined to march her back down the mountain to safety. But Ocean has other plans; she’ll be damned if she’ll give up this trek. Yet all trails seem to lead to one place…straight into Titus’s arms.
My Review:
This is the first book in a brand new contemporary romance series...and wow, this series started off with a fabulous book! Titus is the oldest of the Standish siblings and he's spent the last ten years taking care of the family farm and not following his dreams. He can't do it anymore and has brought his two siblings home to let them know that the sale on the farm is happening the next week. But before he can, he has to go out on a search and rescue on the mountain...he's not sad about the temporary reprieve.

He's going out to rescue Ocean. Ocean has had a crush on Titus since she was in elementary school. She's just given up on her following her dream of becoming a broadway screenwriter and is now home...where it's time for her to confront  the tragic death of her best friend on this mountain six years before. 

This book was so interesting just because, on paper, these two people are going in completely different directions. Titus is leaving home to follow his dreams. Ocean is back home having given up on her dreams. But they connect on the mountain. They are both haunted by Lacey's death...Titus was the one trying to rescue her when she died. The revelations about that death, while heartbreaking, added so much to this story.

And there is a TON to this story. There's a beautiful connection which happens between Titus and Ocean on the mountain. But the story doesn't end on the mountain. There's so much going on for both these characters that continues when they get home. There's a great balance to the story...LOTS happening in the background, but the focus stays on the developing relationship between Ocean and Titus. And despite the fact that they know it won't continue, they do have a really beautiful, romantic story. I love how they start out...it's a very contentious place since Titus wants her off the mountain, but Ocean hasn't finished her quest, so she refuses to give up. But there's a respect between them that makes the story work so well. I loved them!

(And I can't write about the mountain without mentioning the story of the moonshining sisters...I loved their story and was fascinated with all the details that came out about them...there's a fantastic story within the story with them that I loved and would love to see the author explore it more...even if it's only in a novella.)

But there's so much more to come in this story. Ember, Titus's sister, disappears with the enemy in this story and it's never revealed where she was and what exactly she's been doing. What will happen to the family farm? Because you know those two things are tied together and will be part of an upcoming story. I cannot wait to read more. I fell in love with this family...Titus, Scott, Ember, and their father Arden. 

I highly recommend this book. 
I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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