Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Twofer by Daisy Harris

Title: Twofer
Author: Daisy Harris
My Rating: A

Genre: New Adult (m/m)
Main Characters: Frankie and Jeremy
Release Date: December 2015
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Bottoms up!

If a college freshman can’t get laid in sun-drenched Miami, he’s doing something wrong. Frankie Perez is determined to help his roommate get some man action in any way possible.

When Frankie’s arsenal of dating apps, fashion advice, and playing-hard-to-get lessons doesn’t work, he realizes Jeremy needs remedial help. Except tutoring Jeremy in the art of sex gets steamier than Frankie expected—and it scares the hell out of him.

Jeremy’s not sure why he’s wasting his time hooking up when he’s only got eyes for the slinky, sexy roommate he comes home to at night. But the hotter their chemistry simmers, the quicker Frankie dances away.

In near desperation, Frankie suggests the two of them team up to find a third to top them both, forgetting that two bottoms aren’t immune from lusting after each other. In a world where every man is an option, choosing one to love can be the sexiest risk of all.

Warning: Contains questionable morals, copious immature hijinks, an X-rated photo shoot, and disastrous threesomes. Sex toys were misused (but not harmed) in the making of this book.

My Review:
This book was so sweet. There's just something about two guys that are so completely clueless...and we're not JUST talking about sex here. 

No, Jeremy is definitely clueless when it comes to sex. He's been very sheltered. But Frankie is just as clueless when it comes to relationships. As a result, this book is an exploration and education for both of them as they are learning to find their way this first year that they are at college. As roommates, they first become friends and that slowly develops into more as Frankie decides to take on Jeremy's sexual education before he gets really hurt. 

But the real issue is as they become more involved emotionally with one another and even begin to fool around, they are both bottoms. How in the world will they make that work?

Seriously, this book was so sweet just because the guys flounder so much. But at the heart, they never want to hurt one another. They truly care for each other. For Frankie, that terrifies him. He's never had a relationship last more than a couple of weeks. If they step up their friendship, in his mind that's just a guarantee that he'll lose his friend. Not an acceptable outcome. Then there's Jeremy who wants to lose his virginity, but isn't so sure about one-night hook-ups. He just doesn't have enough experience to realize when a guy is only interested in that, not a relationship. So Frankie takes him under his wing. 

I completely and totally fell in love with these guys and could so empathize with their struggles. The most heartwarming scene in the book though was between Frankie and the priest...who would have thought it? But I laughed all the way through that scene. 

The book is just good and sweet. There's a very low level of angst although the conflict between the two is very real. I like how they worked it all out and though I normally wouldn't think that...their situation worked for me. I loved how the guys were able to separate the sexual act from their emotional bond...and honestly, that felt very real to me. Guys look at all that differently and I thought the author did an amazing job explaining it all and making it completely work. (I loved Matt and his fiance.)

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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