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Snowed In by Teodora Kostova

Title: Snowed In 
Author: Teodora Kostova
My Rating: B+

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: -
Main Characters: Nate and Quinn
Release Date: December 2015
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Be careful what you wish for...

Nate has been in love with Quinn, his brother’s best friend, for as long as he can remember. But when he finally gets the chance to show Quinn how he feels, his heart gets broken in the most unexpected way.

Second chances come when you least expect them...

Quinn doesn’t believe in miracles, especially not Christmas ones. When he decides to win Nate back he knows it won’t be easy. The last thing he expects is a health scare, a road trip and a vicious snow storm to work in his favor.

In the end, a cabin in the woods turns out to be not only the shelter they desperately need, but also Quinn's very own Christmas miracle. 

Sometimes, to forgive, you need to get snowed in...
My Review:
This story is told in two parts...the single night when Nate and Quinn first got together and then Quinn left without a single word...and then the second part, two years later. (And I'll state right now that I agree with some reviewers who found issue with that two year separation without a single's a fairly weak setup, but other than that, I did really enjoy the story.)

The main part of the story is actually part #2 where Quinn is back to earn his way back into Nate's heart. I have to say that I love the situation that Quinn walks into at Nate's apartment. It's only right that he has a bit of payback for what he did with the last two years of completely ignoring Nate. He hasn't been stupid enough to think Nate would wait, but having to face the evidence seemed only fitting to me.

I read this book on Christmas day and it was perfect for what I was looking for. I like angst in my romance and this book definitely had that with the conflict between the guys, but they both still have those feelings for one another, no matter how much hurt there is between them. That's not easy to just ignore especially when they get thrown into this situation together...Snowed In. I liked it. It's not a very long or a super-deep book, but it was enough for me. I felt the connection between the two of them and there are some definite hot moments. 

It's a great read for the winter months when dreaming of being trapped indoors with your fantasy. If you can't have it in real life, the next best thing is being able to read and live vicariously through someone this case, Nate and Quinn. I liked it.

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