Friday, December 4, 2015

Release Day: Rite of Revelation by Sarah Negovetich

This is Sarah Negovetich's follow-up novel to Rite of Rejection.
(which is on sale for $.99 right now)
The series is a young adult dystopian series of books and I can't wait to read book #2. 
#1 was fantastic!!

Story Overview:

Before you Stands the Future. 

The Cardinal plans to execute seventeen-year-old Rebecca Collins, just as soon as he gets what he needs to solidify his rule over the United Territories. Faced with certain death, Rebecca discovers not everyone is under the Cardinal's control. A new alliance helps Rebecca and her friends escape the PIT, giving Rebecca a chance to live the life her Rejection took away. 

But the Cardinal needs her in order to stay in power, and he doesn't care who has to die to bring her back to justice. 

Her last fight was a push to survive. This time, Rebecca has a life that might be worth dying for. 

Continue the journey that started with Rejection and leads to a new Revelation. Buy Rite of Revelation today! 
New to the Acceptance Series? Catch up on the YA dystopian series that readers are clamoring for. Check out Rite of Rejection. 

Sarah Negovetich knows you don't know how to pronounce her name and she's okay with that.

Her first love is Young Adult novels, because at seventeen the world is your oyster. Only oysters are slimy and more than a little salty; it's accurate if not exactly motivation. We should come up with a better cliche.

While she appreciates novels for adults (especially a good legal thriller), Young Adult writing is her happy place. There is something special about that in-between world of teens still learning where they fit in this big world, but ready jump in anyway. First loves, first big challenges and last moments to still be a kid are among the reasons Sarah refuses to "grow up" and write adult novels. 

When Sarah isn't writing YA books that her husband won't read, she is a literary agent with Corvisiero Literary Agency. Representing authors of both Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction, Sarah works closely with new and established voices in children's literature to help bring even more great stories to today's eager young readers.

Before joining the literary world, Sarah spent many years in marketing, honing her skills with major corporations, universities and non-profit organizations. She is able to bring that experience to her work today, guiding her clients through the murky waters of book promotion. Sarah runs a popular blog at dispensing marketing advice to authors in various stages of their publishing journeys. She has also taught marketing workshops at conferences such as DFWCon and LDStorymakers.

A night owl by nature, Sarah is usually burning the midnight oil and counting the hours until her kids demand breakfast.

To contact Sarah for additional information, please email her at or view her full contact information.

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