Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Making of Matt by Nicola Haken

Title: The Making of Matt
Author: Nicola Haken
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Souls of the Knight #3
Main Characters: Matt and Alex
Release Date: October 2015
Publisher: -
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Matt Carter, self-proclaimed sex-god and drummer for world renowned Souls of the Knight, didn’t have the time or inclination for planning his future, preferring to fill his days with music, women and alcohol. He didn’t want or need anything else in his life.

Until the band parted ways and he found himself no longer living the dream. 

Bored and lonely, with too much time and money on his hands, Matt turns to his best friend, Alex Clark, to help devise a new direction to take his life in. Together, they embrace their newfound venture, as owner and manager of one of L.A.’s hottest gay clubs – Kaleidoscope. For the first time, Matt has a plan. He knows where life is heading.

Until a devastating phone call turns his whole world upside down, sending him straight into the comforting arms of his best friend and leading him to doubt everything he’s ever known or believed about himself. 

Alex had always been content with his unrequited feelings for his rockstar friend, but as Matt starts to question if he might actually feel the same, he runs as fast as his feet will allow. 

Has Matt gone too far? Has his reputation as an irresponsible womanizer who refuses to take life seriously, finally managed to push his best friend away for good?

Or is Alex hiding secrets of his own? 

(M/M romance. Not suitable for under 18’s due to language and sexual content.)

My Review:
This was such a fun book. I have not read the rest of the series (although I have print copies sitting in my TBR), but starting with Matt was not a bad idea. I love this guy, although he's a big man-child with the maturity level and attention level of a gnat. There's just something about him that makes him so freaking lovable even when you want to smack him upside the head.

But what I love most about Matt is that he is the way he is because he simply doesn't care about what other people think about him...until that hurts someone he loves. He has paparazzi and cameras which follow him everywhere, but he simply can't be bothered. He pays ZERO attention to what the media is saying about him and I love that. That especially comes into play in this relationship. 

Matt has always been straight. That's not even a question. But when he begins to develop feelings and attraction for Alex, he doesn't worry that much about it after initially just wondering where the heck it's coming from. He definitely isn't worried about what someone else thinks. His only concern is that the attraction isn't from a genuine place which could really screw up the amazing friendship he has with Alex. Hurting Alex is his one and only concern. Seriously, I don't care how immature and mess up this guy can you not love him for that?

The book was absolutely fabulous. Over and over and over again I laughed out loud while reading it. Matt's friends know and accept Matt's flaws and sometimes their reactions to him were even better than his antics in the first place. Some of the most epic scenes from the book came from Matt and Sawyer's little chats...I loved those and how Saw basically just told Matt to get his head out of his butt over and over again. LOL. 

It was a fun book with a great romantic story. Now I need to go back and read the first two!

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