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Tin Man by Lisa Henry and Heidi Belleau

Title: Tin Man
Author: Lisa Henry and Heidi Belleau
My Rating: B

Genre: Sci Fi Romance (m/m)
Series: Bliss #1.5
Main Characters: Ace and Soren
Release Date: July 2015
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Petty thief Ashoka “Ace” King knows better than to get in the way of Tophet’s Anti-Terrorist Unit. Rightfully feared in Tophet’s crime-ridden underbelly, a face-to-face encounter with an ATU is almost certainly a death sentence. But Ace has never been one to follow the rules.

Soren Lau might be an ATU rookie, but he’s not naive enough to believe everything his superiors tell him. Then again, he’s not stupid enough to disobey them, either. If he doesn’t shoot and kill as ordered, he might be next on their list.

But when Soren meets Ace, a moment’s hesitation is all it takes to put both their lives on the line. They don’t know each other, they don’t trust each other, and there’s no way in hell they can both walk away from this alive. But with suspicion and mortal danger mounting against both of them—and the forbidden attraction blazing between them—there’s nothing they can do but try.

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This title is part of the Bliss universe.
My Review:
I really enjoyed the introduction into this world with Bliss, so when I saw this one was coming available, I jumped at it. 

This book takes place in the neighboring sector of Tophet where things are not ideal in this dystopian world. People are desperate, jobs are scarce, kids are starving and the roving ATU units are rumored to be executing the crims (criminals....i.e. mostly petty thieves who are simply trying to survive). Ace is one of those crims and he comes up against Soren, who is a rookie ATU cop. 

Soren is just happy to have a job. He knows how rare that is, but as things progress on the job, he's beginning to wonder if he's really working for the good guys. Not everything adds up. He's also gay which is considered a crime punishable by death in this society. Not exactly ideal for someone in his place. But he's continuing on with his job and random back room hookups until he runs into Ace and Ace's friend. His orders...execute. A moment's hesitation is all it takes to throw both of these guys worlds into complete disarray.

This is a dark and gritty world, which makes it hard to read. There's nothing dark and gritty about the's just the overall sensation leftover from the world is more than a bit depressing. As such, this book didn't get as high of a rating for me. It's definitely not a book that you walk away from feeling happier for having read it. But there is a Happily For Now ending to the story even if the guys' world is left very open-ended. For this happily ever after girl, I like to think that things work out for them in the end....but wow, that's so unlikely in this world. See, there's that depressive feeling. 

But I did enjoy the guys story. They are stuck in this awful, horrible world and manage to find some hope with a connection between them. I liked the two of them together and although they start out on opposite sides, they form a great team. I just want to think that they managed to live long, healthy lives after the end of the book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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