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Finding Their Way by A.M. Arthur

Title: Finding Their Way
Author: A.M. Arthur
My Rating: B+

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Restoration #2
Main Characters: Riley and Boxer
Release Date: July 2015
Publisher: Carina Press
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Thanks to an abusive father and a string of bad relationships, Riley McCage learned the hard way that people are not kind without a reason. Now, after landing a job at popular gay bar Pot O Gold, Riley is on the right track--until the night Boxer finds him drunk and drugged in the back room of an exclusive sex party.
Donald "Boxer" Boxwood wasn't looking for anything beyond some casual kink until he peeled Riley off the floor and gave him a safe place to stay. But there's something compelling about the guy crashing on his couch, and the two forge an instant friendship that eases into unmistakable attraction. Despite Riley's hesitancy, Boxer knows one thing to be true: he needs Riley in his life.
Riley risked everything to run away and build a new life for himself, and his secrets aren't something he'd ever wish upon his kind, gentle new friend. But when the past comes to call, he'll have no choice but to put his trust in Boxer…and believe people can change enough to deserve a second chance.
Book two of the Restoration series

84,000 words
My Review:
Riley stole my heart in this book. When you read about his background and what that's done to him, you can't help but feel for the guy. He just can't catch a break...until he meets Boxer. I love that Boxer is nothing like what he looks. He's a tattooed, bald, bear, but that facade hides a teddy bear with a submissive side that guys rarely will indulge for him just because of his appearance. These two work so well together and the thing is they are both coming off bad break-ups. What's that saying about finding love when you aren't looking for it? That definitely applies to this book. 

There's a lot happening in this book and I will admit that I got lost among the friends and story lines at times. It's just hard to keep track of exactly who everyone is and I don't remember the first book in the series good enough to remember the specifics. But other than that small detail I did really like this book. I loved Riley and Boxer and how they came to be friends and came together. I love that Boxer saves Riley and then just steps up and takes care of him. That's so Boxer. But Riley is a caretaker, too. The storyline with the stray dog, Izzie, was just too sweet. 

There's also a good story line with their friend, Elliott. I'm definitely looking forward to his story, because he's had such a heartbreaking story line. But that's one thing that I'm coming to find...A.M. Arthur does GREAT angst-filled characters with fabulously heart-breaking backstories. This book is a classic example of that. While the focus is on Riley, Boxer hasn't had the easiest time of it either. That's just one of the reasons it's so easy to fall in love with these great characters. Despite everything, they are really amazing guys and it's just fun watching them reach their happily ever after and happy place...even if it is a bit painful getting there. 

I liked it. I recommend it. And I definitely look forward to the next installment in the series. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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