Monday, June 22, 2015

True Devotion by Liora Blake

Title: True Devotion
Author: Liora Blake
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: True #2
Main Characters: Devon and Simon
Release Date: June 2015
Publisher: PocketStar
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Find out if rock sensation Simon can break through tough-girl Devon’s steely exterior—if he can keep his head on straight, that is—in this second sizzling romance in the True series!

Devon Jenkins is a feisty blonde, and Simon Cole is the arrogant, sexy guitarist playing in her brother’s band. When they met for the first time, it went something like this: He hit on her, she shot him down, he made a lewd joke, she told him he was an idiot.

In the two years since then, not much has changed. From the way Simon flirts shamelessly with any set of ovaries within a 100-mile radius, Devon knows the smartest thing she can do is keep an impenetrable wall between them.

But sometimes the smart choice isn’t necessarily the right one…

My Review:
Okay, this is another winner, but I will admit to being doubtful for the first 15% of the book. For some reason, I had a hard time getting into this one, but once I hit that 15% point, I didn't want to put it down anymore. So the moral here...keep with this one...because the payoff is really, really worth it. OMG, I cannot tell you how much I love Simon...but I'm going to try.

The book is told entirely from Devon's point of view, but it's Simon who makes this book. For two years, Simon has been trying to get into Devon's panties. He's in her brother's band and is an unapologetic man-whore. According to Devon, he will bang anything with a vagina. But it soon becomes clear that Devon has some preconceived notions that are so, so wrong. 

I loved the way that the author wrote Simon. No, you never get to visit his mental state, but you see so much of what he's feeling just through what Devon observes...even when she doesn't see it. He comes across as this laid-back player, but he's so into Devon and wants her so much. She's never even considered him, but as the story develops, it becomes obvious that he's thought about her a LOT over the last two years. His interest in her is's not just about sex and that's so freaking attractive. I loved Simon. 

But as more and more is revealed about Simon, Devon changes her tune about him. Now it's not that she doesn't want to get involved with a player, it's an issue that she's not good enough for him. I love that he seems like something so different from what he is. Simon has a ton of layers and each one makes him more and more attractive. 

I really, truly enjoyed the book. I hated what Devon did at the end (don't spoilers), but I wanted to cheer when Simon pointed out the reality of her actions. So, so true. I also loved the influence of the tattoos on the story. For both of these characters, their tattoos are a huge part of who they are and how they've gotten to where they're at and the visuals of them...both on their bodies and getting them were a great detail in the story. I also loved Devon's baking...her cookies and breads. There were just some great little details to this story.

I highly recommend this one!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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