Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Deep of the Sound by Amy Lane

Title: The Deep of the Sound
Author: Amy Lane
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m) 
Series: Bluewater Bay #8
Main Characters: Cal and Avery
Release Date: June 2015
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Cal McCorkle has lived in Bluewater Bay his whole life. He works two jobs to support a brother with a laundry list of psychiatric diagnoses and a great uncle with Alzheimer’s, and his personal life amounts to impersonal hookups with his boss. He’s got no time, no ambition, and no hope. All he has is family, and they’re killing him one responsibility at a time.

Avery Kennedy left Los Angeles, his family, and his sleazy boyfriend to attend a Wolf’s Landing convention, and he has no plans to return. But when he finds himself broke and car-less in Bluewater Bay, he’s worried he’ll have to slink home with his tail between his legs. Then Cal McCorkle rides to his rescue, and his urge to run away dies a quick death.

Avery may seem helpless at first, but he can charm Cal’s fractious brother, so Cal can pretty much forgive him anything. Even being adorkable. And giving him hope. But Cal can only promise Avery “until we can’t”—and the cost of changing that to “until forever” might be too high, however much they both want it.

My Review:
There are books when I read them that move me with just the beauty of the writing. That doesn't happen very often, because I'm usually more concentrated on the quality of the story. But this book had both...quality of story and quality of writing and it was an absolutely gorgeous thing to read. 

This story is about Cal and Avery. These are two very different guys who have been brought together by a bizarre set of circumstances. Avery has just said 'goodbye' to his normal life...his cheating boyfriend, his blasé parents who can't accept he's move to the home of where his favorite show is filmed...Bluewater Bay. Avery is a writer. He works writing freelance articles and then spends his free time spinning fan-fiction for the show and chatting online with other fans as Scarecrow. His life has been a little fluffy, but he quickly has a wake-up call as his trip becomes one disaster after another. Avery is awkward and gawky, but he's so positive and happy, everyone falls in love with him...including me as a reader. 

Cal is the opposite side of the spectrum. He's been dragged down for years by his responsibilities. His parents died suddenly when he was a senior in high school. Suddenly his dreams of a future were swallowed up by the reality of being the sole caregiver for an elderly grandparent with Alzheimer's and a marginally psychotic and mentally ill brother. They are barely scraping by and Cal is having to work himself to the bone as a busboy at night and fisherman in the mornings simply to scrape by. They are one disaster away from homelessness. Cal is tired...both mentally and physically. He's lost hope and that reflects in all his other interactions in the world. There are several glimpses of him throughout the book and what a different person he used to be and it's heartbreaking because he's still so only 24...way too young to be so hardened by life. 

Neither guy is having an easy time with life right now, but they both manage to find moments of happiness together and it's gorgeous. They would have these little moments that would leave me smiling at the same time that my heart was breaking for them, because it's so hard to see how they will make it work out in the end. Cal is drowning under his familial responsibilities and he doesn't want to drag Avery into that mess. 

There's a lot of symbolism and beauty within the writing of the book...especially within the water of the Sound...which is the only place that Cal can let go of his stresses. But as the book develops, Avery becomes a safe place for him too. Throughout the book, Cal calls Avery, Rescue Puppy. I loved that pet name especially when the tables began to turn and Avery was the one doing the rescuing. 

It was an absolutely gorgeous book and I loved and savored every single word while reading it. I definitely recommend this one.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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