Monday, June 22, 2015

Relentless by Skye Jordan

Title: Relentless
Author: Skye Jordan
My Rating: A-

Genre: Erotic Romance 
Series: Renegades #4
Main Characters: Troy and Giselle
Release Date: June 2015
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Bad boy Troy Jacobs is all about taking risks. As a stunt double for Hollywood’s A-listers, there’s no fall he won’t attempt. With one exception—women. Troy fell hard once, and it nearly broke him. Since then, he’s vowed never to trust like that again and he’s got everything under control. Until the woman who shattered his heart years before shows up on his movie-set.

Country music star Giselle “Ellie” Diamond learned long ago that sometimes love isn’t enough. When love got in the way of her goals, she made the tough choice to let go of happily ever after and chased the glitz and glamour of the stage. It may not be all she expected, but now it’s all she has. And with a worldwide tour on the line, Ellie needs one last gig to rocket her toward stardom: a high-profile role in a blockbuster film.

Passion sparks, and old feelings return. But while Troy and Ellie grow closer their problems from the past simmer in the background. And this time around, there's more tearing them apart than just one star-studded career.
My Review:
I always know going into it that a Skye Jordan book is going to be a good read. This book was no exception, and I did like the back-story storyline for these two main characters. 

Troy and Ellie (Giselle) were foster kids together...along with Nathan Ryker. But for the two of them, that relationship quickly developed into something more. It was good, really good, until Ellie began to have opportunities with her music that didn't include Troy. They were young, he felt left out, and there were hurt feelings all around...and they broke up. Although neither one ever fell out of love. But now they are both very successful at what they do...separately. They have no communication with one another at all. 

But now their jobs have intersected. Troy is a stuntman on a film that Giselle is working on the music for. 

This book was a hot, sexy, action-packed read. From getting to watch Troy's dangerous stunts to the amazingly hot chemistry between the two main characters, this book kept me riveted from page one. I didn't want to put it down. I liked the settings. Most of the book is set in Las Vegas and it switches from the movie set to the concert stage. I liked every bit of it. I especially loved the family that Troy has developed in his world. That dichotomy vs what Giselle has was really well done. To see the difference made me sad for her. 

I just thoroughly reading this book. I liked the story line, loved the characters, and was enchanted by the possibilities of what these two could become together. Luckily Skye Jordan has an even better vision than me. She did a great job giving these two a gorgeous happily ever after. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.


Lover Of Romance said...

I have been curious about this story, and I love that the hero is a stuntman, you don't see that too often in stories. And I love reading this aspect in characters.

Christi Snow said...

Lover of Romance...this entire series has had it's heroes come from this stunt company. ALL of the books are good, and I highly recommend them! smiles...