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Limited Time Offer by Kelly Jamieson

Title: Limited Time Offer
Author: Kelly Jamieson
My Rating: A-

Genre: Erotic Romance
Series: Brew Crew #1
Main Characters: Sloane and Levi
Release Date: June 2015
Publisher: Samhain
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Sex may sell, but their deal doesn’t include love…

Account Director Sloane Granderson has been given her orders by the CEO—tone down the antics of the “Brew Crew”, the guys at Huxworth Packard Advertising who work on their biggest account. Sure, they’re all puffed up, strutting egos, but they’re also the best and brightest creatives in Chicago. Including the newest recruit, disturbingly attractive Levi Wolcott.

Award-winning copywriter Levi is pumped to have been headhunted to Huxworth Packard to work on the beer account. But he’s not off to a good start when he and Sloane first meet in an embarrassing encounter in a hotel hall, and the Brew Crew’s merciless new-guy hazing doesn’t improve his shaky first impression. Even worse, Levi can’t ignore the intense attraction he has to Sloane.

Despite their mutual “hell no” when it comes to love, a moment of weakness makes Sloan and Levi believe business and pleasure can be kept separate, and maybe a little harmless sex isn’t that dangerous.

Or maybe it’s as harmless as a bomb with a lit fuse…

Warning: This book contains a hero with an award-winning, panty-melting vocabulary intent on the hard sell, and a take-charge businesswoman who doesn’t mind giving up control in the bedroom…and thinks panties are overrated, anyway.

My Review:
I really, really enjoyed this book. It's a fun, smart, sassy, contemporary romance that has a bit of an erotic edge. Seriously, how can that be bad?

This book takes place within an advertising agency. Levi's just been hired on and asked to join the illustrious brew crew creative team...the group that gets to work on the huge beer account. Everyone wants that account. Hello...research! And that's the whole team's attitude. They are irreverent creative types who let loose...a lot. Which isn't so great for Sloane. 

Sloane is one of the executives at the advertising agency and she's been tasked by the owner to get the brew crew's antics under control. But Sloane has a bit of a history with Levi, and it definitely doesn't put him in the best light. So she's already not happy with him. Combine that with the brew crew's antics and her own forbidden chemistry with him and this is definitely a combustible situation. 

And the two MC's in this book...love them. They have great chemistry...both with each other and with the other characters in the book. The dialogue is smart and witty. And there is enough fun moments that I kept smiling throughout the book. I really loved the scene away from the ad agency too...at the wedding. Really, really sweet scenes there.

I did really enjoy every moment reading this book. The advertising setting is completely fun especially since we get two very different viewpoints of it. Levi is the creative side. Sloane is the numbers and accounts business side of it. And although we get to see the two of them together a lot, there is a lot of behind the scenes within the company that is just really interesting. Even when Sloane and Levi weren't together on the page, I was completely enthralled by the book. That isn't normal for me. I like the focus to stay wholly on the MC's and while I understand the need for those other scenes, they usually don't keep my whole focus. In this book, they did. I really enjoyed every aspect of it. 

Note: While I adored the ENTIRE book there is a reason this is a 4* book rather than a 5*. The opening scene is so similar to another book that I adore, it was hard to ignore. While it's probably completely a coincidence (I definitely understand how that happens) that book is also set in Chicago and so was just a bit too close for me to ignore the fact.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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