Monday, June 29, 2015

Buried Bodies by Kelly Apple

Title: Buried Bodies
Author: Kelly Apple
My Rating: A

Genre: New Adult Paranormal
Series: Anderson High Wolves #1
Main Characters: Jenny and Evan
Release Date: June 2015
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Jenny Reynolds may be a mere human, but her life is anything but ordinary.

She’s juggling her senior year of high school, a sick mom, a brother who depends on her, and, oh yeah, there’s the matter of a body in the trunk of her car. As if that isn’t enough, the werewolf quarterback of her high school’s all-shifter football team has started sniffing around.

Evan Carmichael never noticed Jenny as more than the cute girl in his class until the day he smelled blood and death on her. Now she’s all he can think about. And when a werewolf becomes intrigued, he’ll do anything to keep the object of his fascination safe.

Even hide a body.

What’s a girl to do when the most beautiful boy in school wants to help her out of her jam? If she’s smart, she takes him up on the offer…

My Review:
This book has the best beginning I've read in a long time. Most teenage girls don't start out their high school day shuttling their little brother to school and thinking about their dead stepfather who they murdered the night before...who just happens to be in the trunk. Haha...yeah, this isn't your typical NA/YA, but it was so fun. 

Jenny has a lot on her plate and she's only 17. As a result, she has a great inner monologue. Make breakfast, dump the body, don't look at the cute know, just like every high school girl does. But the quarterback isn't exactly the normal guy either. He's Evan and he's an alpha werewolf...which means he can scent the lingering blood on Jenny and the body in her trunk.

This book is not very long, but it didn't skimp on story or details. I loved reading it. It was fun with a snarky edge of wit that kept me smiling. I love that despite everything going on, Jenny is still just a normal girl who can't believe that Evan could really be interested in her. He's the quarterback and an alpha...she's just a normal girl...who sometimes gets so angry as to murder people. Obviously she has a spine of steel...the girl is dealing with a lot and that makes her a perfect mate for this strong werewolf. But she's still young...and shy...and so sweet, you just want to wrap her up in your arms and protect her. Luckily, Evan is definitely up for the job. Rawr...he was hot, and protective, and so, so, so much about the mine aspect of the shifter society. Loved that!

It was a great book and gave the reader a good glimpse of this werewolf pack at the local high school. I'm hearing rumors that there are at least a couple more books to come in the series...YES! I can't wait. This book is the perfect amount of romance and shifter sexiness in one sweet little novella to entertain you for an hour or two.

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