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Lawless in Leather by Melanie Scott

Title: Lawless in Leather
Author: Melanie Scott
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: New York Saints #3
Main Characters: Mal and Raina
Release Date: May 2015
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Reina Easton never expected to be training a cheerleading squad for a baseball team. But the owner of the building where her burlesque club is housed is threatening to sell, and she needs to get a deposit together.

Malachi Coulter can't believe that Alex Winters wants cheerleaders for their team. When he meets Reina, he can't deny his attraction… He's just not sure that Reina's wild ways are what he's looking for. Reina isn't thrilled about finding herself attracted to a guy like Mal, ex-army, motorcycle, security, tough guy.

When a crazed fan starts causing trouble, Mal is pulled in two directions. He wants to shut the squad down but Reina wants the money. Can a former bad boy and a former bad girl team up to win the day or are they just destined to strike out?
My Review:
Every single installment of this series has been good...and this one was no exception. 

This book featured the final of the trio of friends who bought the New York Saints, a down on their luck Baseball team. Malachi made his fortune through the build-up of his security company that he started after he served as a special forces dude in the military. All these guys in this series are alpha and protective, but Mal is even more so...thus his choice in careers. He protects people for a living. After the explosion in the baseball stadium that changed the three friends lives forever, Mal is a little over the top concerned about the security measures at their new (to them) stadium. That's what he brings to the table with this 

Raina is a dancer. She owns a burlesque club, but has signed on to the Saints as their choreography for their new cheerleading squad. Cheerleaders in baseball? Yep...none of them are too sure, but they need publicity and know that probably won't come from wins while they are trying to rebuild the team. But it quickly becomes obvious that someone is targeting her and they aren't sure if it's the whole cheerleading thing or something more specific to Raina. But since Mal is interested in Raina, she falls under his umbrella of security. He needs to keep her safe. The problem is...Raina doesn't like domineering guys...she's been hurt before. She is her own independent person...she is not going to do something just because a guy tells her to. 

I liked this one. The conflict between the two worked for me. I love this baseball team that is struggling to rebuild. They aren't shooting for the World Series...they just want to win a few games and slowly build up. Both the other two couples from the previous two books played heavily in this one and I loved those little glimpses of them. I love that Mal has this tough as nails persona, but he is so concerned for others. It's really sweet. I also loved the scenes from the burlesque club. I want to go to it. The visuals that the author created were fabulously gorgeous...seriously, I want to go there!!

Everything worked in this book. I liked the dance troupe and their wings. I liked that this story had a touch of suspense that was expertly built up. I enjoyed the romance and just how sexy things were between Mal and Raina. She is an upfront girl and I liked her straight forward talk with Mal about what's happening between them. Their chemistry is awesome and made for some sizzling scenes. 

I liked it and highly recommend this entire series. They've all been really good. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review. Although I did buy a print copy to occupy my keeper shelf. This is a series that I fully plan to reread again.

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