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Hunted Warrior by Lindsey Piper

Title: Hunted Warrior
Author: Lindsey Piper
My Rating: B

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Dragon Kings #3
Main Characters: Mal and Avyi/Pet
Release Date: April 2015
Publisher: Pocket Books
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Sexual Intensity: spicy 

Story Overview:
Demonic gladiators, ruthless mafia villains, and a race on the brink of distinction: What will become of them? One proud leader wields his power to unlock dark mysteries in the third in this fierce, sensual new paranormal romance series.

When the head of the Five Clans of the Dragon Kings wants something, he gets it. Raised among the most privileged of his dying race, Malnefoley conceals a devastating tragedy from his youth. Now, many call him the Usurper because of his unconventional rise to power. His influence is waning while the Dragon Kings must solve the puzzle of their slow extinction. So when a particularly important captive escapes his compound in the Greek mountains, Malnefoley leaves nothing to chance. She is his prisoner to retrieve.

The woman is known as the Pet, a former associate of a sadistic doctor from the Asters, a human crime cartel. Her loyalties cannot be trusted, even when she claims to hold the secret to conception—an invaluable secret for a race unable to procreate. Neither can her unique gift from the Great Dragon be believed. She’s a soothsayer, able to see glimpses of the future. Her quest is to find and save a Cage warrior on the verge of her first match—a young woman whose destiny is bound to a timeless prophecy.

Malnefoley has no respect for the ancient superstitions that brought about his childhood trauma. His only goal is to return the Pet to his compound and use her knowledge for the betterment of their people. Yet her restless energy and raw sensuality are as intriguing as her predictions about the rise of the Great Dragon. He dares not trust the crafty fugitive’s loyalties, but as their treacherous chase turns passionate, can he even trust himself?

My Review:
I received this book for review and had not read the first two books in the series. As a result, I went into it with no knowledge of this world. And it is possible to do that, but I was confused about several details of the world, so when I was about midway through the book, I went and grabbed Book #1 in hopes of clearing some of that up. It didn't work...LOL. There's a lot about this world that just seems like it's vague. And now after having read book #1, I just think that's the way the series is written. And yes, if you're wondering, this book DOES work as a stand-alone. 

This book is about Mal, he's the leader of the Dragon Kings. The Pet has been his prisoner for 6 months (since the end of book #1), but at the beginning of this book, he's chasing her down...alone. See, the Pet is a soothsayer. She sees the future, but just in bits and pieces. She's also spent her entire life viewed as a thing...a she has a few odd ways about her. At the beginning of the book, she's difficult to understand. She talks in riddles a lot simply because she is only seeing bits and pieces of the future. She never has the full picture and she also needs Mal to cooperate with her so she just gives him bits of the story. 

The Pet's transformation into a real person was heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. She's had a horrible history, but it also just is. She doesn't question it. She's like this grand philosopher and this whole book has a philosophical feel to it. Fate vs. choice. Can we influence or change what's meant to be? If not, then why even try. In that aspect, the book got to be a bit heavy-handed. I understand Mal's issues with it, especially in light of his own history, but I got tired of the constant debate from him over the facts of fate.

But despite that, I LOVED Avyi and Mal. They each brought so much humanity that they've lost out on in the other. Their quest (and it is definitely a quest as the two of them follow her predictions) was action filled and kept me riveted throughout. I loved them together and thought they made a magnificent much better together than apart. I enjoyed seeing past characters and wow...that twist with Silence was brilliant and took me COMPLETELY by surprise...but I loved it.

I will admit the final climactic scenes felt a little over the top to me. It made sense in the overall arc of the series story line and what it's been building to, but it seems like there should have been a prophesy or something brought up before the very end so that it wasn't so out of the blue. It just seemed too extreme of an occurrence, but I will admit that it worked for pure shock value.

Also, I think this is the final book in the series, but it didn't feel like it. Nothing was solved in the overall arc about the Dragon Kings conception issues. I needed more answers there to be fully satisfied with this being the end. I'm hoping that there are still more to come. The end set it up so there could be some amazing stories to come. It definitely felt like a new beginning.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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