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Forget Me Not by Erika Marks

Title: Forget Me Not
Author: Erika Marks
My Rating: B

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Loveless and Dunn #3
Main Characters: Mallory and Josh
Release Date: May 2015
Publisher: Tule Publishing
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Sexual Intensity: mild

Story Overview:
When aspiring-writer Mallory Reynolds packed up for New York City, she ditched more than her quiet hometown of Magnolia Bay—she left her high-school sweetheart, Josh Loveless, behind. But when the big city didn’t deliver big contracts on her novels, she turned to writing erotica under the pen name Farrah Ivory to spare her family any embarrassment. Soon, her scandalously-sexy series, The Lost Diaries of Scarlet, is a break-out hit. Just as Mallory begins to enjoy her sweet success, her publisher leaks her true identity and a media firestorm ensues. Exposed, she decides there’s nowhere to hide—except for home.

For Josh Loveless, getting over Mallory Reynolds hasn’t been easy, but he’s done his best to move on. For starters, he’s turned his love of the outdoors and rock-climbing into his own business. And just as things are starting to settle for him, he learns Mallory’s coming home to ride out her scandal, and suddenly his world is turned upside down again…

Can Mallory convince her friends and family that she’s still the same good-hearted girl they knew? And more importantly, can Josh trust the woman she’s become, and give her a second chance to rewrite their love story with a happy ending?

My Review:
Second chance at love. There's something about this trope that gets to me and I enjoyed this book because of that. Five years ago, Mallory left her hometown to chase her dreams of becoming a writer. She hoped that Josh loved her enough to wait or go with her, but when she asked him to do so, he told her no. What she never knew is that night he had an engagement ring in his pocket. The breakup devastated both of them. 

But they both thrived even with the separation and heartbreak. It may not have been what either of them wanted, but it honestly may have been simply what was meant to be. Would they have had that success if they'd been in that comfortable spot together? Maybe, but maybe not. 

But in the book, Mallory's world has imploded as her secret pseudonym has been revealed. I loved the whole story of her writing and how art imitates life in her books. I thought that was really well-done. 

I was a little less satisfied with the over the top dramatics about her reveal. She ran home to get away from the  media frenzy over it all, but I would think that people at home would be much more scandalized than anyone else about the fact. Anywhere one would care. She lived in NYC and since she wrote under a pseudonym, no one would know her as an author. The only way I could see some sort of real scandal here is if she was a struggling author with a high-profile other life. She didn't have that. From what I could tell in the book, she's a best-selling author making her living off that. It's not like NYC is some backward little burb...they are pretty liberal about stuff. It just felt like a huge plot hole that didn't work for me.

But everything else worked pretty well. The book is short, so there's not a whole lot of depth for the hero and heroine to really get to know one another again, but they settled back into their old roles rather smoothly, so it didn't seem like either had changed too much in the fundamentals during their separation. 

It was a fun and interesting read. I liked the mountain climbing/adventure store aspect. That's not an angle you see a whole lot in the romance world so it was a fresh take that I enjoyed. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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