Thursday, March 26, 2015

Incriminating Evidence by Rachel Grant

Title: Incriminating Evidence
Author: Rachel Grant
My Rating: A

Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Series: Evidence Series #4
Main Characters: Alec and Isabel
Release Date: March 2015
Publisher: Janus Publishing
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Sexual Intensity: hot

From enemies to allies… 

When archaeologist Isabel Dawson stumbles upon an unconscious man deep in the Alaskan wilderness, her survival skills are put to the test. She tends his wounds and drags him to shelter, only to discover she’s saved the life of Raptor CEO Alec Ravissant—the man who may have covered up her brother’s murder to save his senatorial campaign.

With no memory of the assault that landed him five miles deep in the forest, Alec doesn’t know what to believe when he wakes in the clutches of the beautiful redhead who blames him for her brother’s death, but he quickly realizes he needs her help to uncover the truth about his lost hours.

Isabel never imagined she’d find herself allied with Alec, and he’s the last man she ever expected to find attractive. But the former Army Ranger-turned-politician proves seductively charming, and he’s determined to win much more than her vote. When their quest for answers puts Isabel in the crosshairs, Alec must risk everything—his company, his campaign, and his life—to protect her.

My Review:

Hands down, this was just a great romantic suspense story. The story switches pov between Isabel and Alec who are two very different people. 

Isabel is an outdoor girl. She's an archeologist who inspects forestry sites for signs of past civilizations before the forestry comes in and does work. She spends a lot of the time outdoors, by herself, and she's perfectly okay with that. She grew up and her brother Vin raised her from her teen years. They were close until he died the year before under suspicious circumstances at the Raptor compound. 

Alec is old money. He was raised to take up the politics mantle and in an effort to truly find himself, joined the military and ended up as a highly-decorated Ranger. When he got out, he bought the contracting defense company, Raptor, so he could continue to make a difference with helping in the training of the military. He found that wasn't enough though, so he is now in the middle of a senatorial bid. He can't afford for scandal to happen at his Raptor compound, but Isabel isn't letting things rest. 

Isabel is sure something is fishy with her brother's death. He was as much, if not more, of an outdoor person than her. With his military training, there is no way he should have died from exposure which is what she's being told. But Raptor, and specifically it's CEO, Alec, have stonewalled her so she's decided to see what she can find out on her own. While doing her job with a bit of side-snooping, she discovers Alec in the middle of the forest, unconscious and hurt. Suddenly everything is looking suspicious, including both Alec and Isabel. No one knows who is trustworthy and who's not. 

This book is action-packed and full of suspense and intrigue. But at the heart of all that is the sizzling chemistry between Alec and Isabel. I loved them even when neither was sure about the other, they still were incredible together. I also really loved that Vin had wanted to get them together before he died. This isn't a military novel per se, but it definitely has that feel because most the operatives and operations are from the military world. I thought the suspense line with the secret weapon was brilliant and loved how none of the attacks made sense until the weapon was revealed. So forward thinking and innovative. I liked the twists and turns and just overall loved the entire book. 

This was my first Rachel Grant read, but it definitely won't be my last. If you enjoy romantic suspense, especially those with a military influence, I highly recommend this one!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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