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Black John by Amy Lane

Title: Black John
Author: Amy Lane
My Rating: A+

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Johnnies #4
Main Characters: John and Galen
Release Date: January 2015
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
John Carey is just out of rehab and dying inside when he gets word that Tory, the guy who loved him and broke him, has removed himself from the world in the most bitter way possible—and left John to clean up his mess.

Forced back to his hometown in Florida, John's craving a hit with every memory when he meets Tory's neighbor. Spacey and judgmental, Galen Henderson has been rotting in his crappy apartment since a motorcycle accident robbed him of his mobility, his looks, and his boyfriend all in one mistake. Galen's been hiding at the bottom of an oxy bottle, but when John shows up, he feels obligated to help wade through the wreckage of Tory's life.

The last thing John needs is another relationship with an addict, and the last thing Galen wants is a conscience. Both of them are shocked when they find that their battered souls can learn from and heal one another. It doesn't hurt that they're both getting a crash course on how growing up and getting past your worst mistakes sure beats the alternative—and that true love is something to fight to keep if your lover is fighting to love you back.

My Review:

The Johnnies series has been one of my favorites in the m/m fiction world, but I wasn't sure about this one. John is the owner of the porn company and he's done some pretty awful things, especially to Dex. But like all the guys in this series, John has some serious baggage in his background which makes him pretty broken. 

This book centers around John and his childhood friend Tory. They were inseparable since they were 8 years old. They discovered their sexuality together and John's first porn company came from their relationship. They  certainly didn't have a normal background and both were very broken souls because of their impossible childhood. John focused his brokenness into his porn business. Tory focused his into self-abuse and drugs. They loved each other, but it wasn't enough. When the book starts, John is in rehab where he learns about Tory's suicide. This book is a journey through the healing that John has to go through because of that. It's a healing he's needed for way too long.

When he goes to Tory's apartment, he finds Galen. Galen is a former successful, good-looking corporate lawyer. He lost everything when a car hit him while he was on his motorcycle. He's incredibly damaged both inside and out and addicted to his prescription pain meds. Galen and John connect. But John just got out of rehab. Galen is a current addict. This is a relationship that is going to end up the same or worse than John's did with Tory.

Amy Lane does emotional incredibly well. And just knowing the set-up for this book, you know it's going to be an emotional wringer. It absolutely was, but wow...I fell in love with these guys....especially Galen. He's awesome...even though he's an addict. You can see glimpses of the man he was. He's still wicked smart and such a good match for Galen...but he has so many of his own issues. 

The book was amazingly good. Dex has kept Johnnies afloat despite John and John knows how much he owes his friend. I love their friendship and watching it evolve throughout the book. John was convinced he was in love with Dex, but John really just needed a friend to be there for him. Dex continues to be the incredible guy that he has been through the series...and actively works to get John healthy in this book...despite the fact he should hate the guy. 

The book moves back in forth in time so that the reader gets a full feel for what happened between John and Tory. It's a powerful story and I loved reading it. Like all the others in this series, I ordered a print copy for my keeper shelf. I know the porn industry has to be tough, but I hope that somewhere out there, there is a company like Johnnies who cares for its guys, and not just the money they make. Listening to John talk about why porn is important...I loved that and his philosophy on it all.

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Her Unexpected Hero by Melody Anne

Title: Her Unexpected Hero
Author: Melody Anne
My Rating: B+

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Unexpected Heroes #1
Main Characters: Alyssa and Jackson
Release Date: February 2015
Publisher: Pocket Books
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Would you recognize true love if it sat down next to you? In this unforgettable new spinoff of the Billionaire books from New York Times bestselling indie author Melody Anne, two strangers must look past their painful memories to make way for everlasting love.

Alyssa's modeling career came to an abrupt end when her manager boyfriend emptied her bank account and ruined her professional reputation. Now she's heading to a new town in Montana to rebuild her life—if she can even get there (stupid delayed planes!). But things are looking up when she's upgraded to first class and a mysterious stranger sits down next to her…

Jackson Whitman doesn't believe in love, or commitment, or forever—not since he lost his wife and daughter. But the beautiful woman sitting next to him at the gate has him rethinking that position. Can he convince her to be his for the night? Or will she convince him to be hers for a lifetime?

My Review:
This is the first book that I've read by this author and I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I enjoyed it. 

The book kicks off with incredibly scintillating and fun scenes set at the airport and on the plane where the hero and heroine meet. I liked the way that it was all set up, but I wasn't too sure how much I was going to like Jackson, because at the beginning he's pretty assured of himself which made him come off as a bit of an egomaniac. Thankfully, that didn't last too long as Jackson was much more fully invested in making this relationship work with Alyssa much earlier in the book than she was. I love when author's make the guy fall for the girl hard like that.

Both these characters have great reasons to be gun shy when it comes to relationships. While a lot of the set-up of this book really isn't anything new, I did like their backgrounds. Alyssa's especially is a very different twist on the famous model story line. And with that other statement, I should note...that while a lot of the story followed a pretty standard flow, I didn't mind that at all because the author did an incredible job writing the book in such a way that I stayed emotionally invested the entire time. I enjoyed her style of story telling and her characters a lot. 

It was an interesting start to the series and I plan to continue to read it. This first one was good and I expect great things to come as the series develops. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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Cover Reveal: Right Kind of Wrong by Shelly Jones

The Right Kind of Wrong
Author: Shelly Jones
Cover Models: Lance Jones and Alexandra Hardesty
Photo Credit: Shauna Kruse of  Kruse Images and Photography: Models and Boudoir
Cover Design: Cover to Cover Designs
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Emily grew up in small town in Wisconsin as the daughter of the local pastor. When her job was over as an teacher’s assistant she sets out to leave her town and her family. She wants to find herself and break away from the cookie cutter mold of the town. So she did what she thought was right…She moves twenty-five hundred miles away to Arizona.

 Xander is the single father to a 5 year old little girl. After her mother left, Xander swears off any kind of a relationship. Xander only has four cares: his daughter, his family, his friends and his motorcycle. He refuses to let anyone get near him or his daughter ever again.

When Emily and Xander meet it's something that neither one were expecting. The attraction is undeniable, but with Xander refusing to let anyone close, Emily decides to offer him a deal he'd be crazy to refuse.

 Sometimes those that don't make sense, actually make perfect sense.

 Right Kind Of Wrong. Shelly Jones © copyright 2015

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We get to what I hope is the last bar of the night. This bar is smaller, kind of like the ones back home. Out front there’s couple of guys on motorcycles talking and smoking. We get out of the truck, I look up to see where we’re going and I make eye contact with one of the guys for a couple of seconds. The grin he gives me is sexy, yet cocky. Of course my fucking face warms and turns red, he must have noticed because I heard a chuckle come from him.

“Come on, let’s get you something to drink!” Mel wraps her arm around me and leads me inside. There’s not very many people in this bar, which makes me happy. There’s music coming from the jukebox, it’s not country music, but I know this song, it’s “When I Come Around” By Green Day, this song was played a lot at parties back home. We find a table in the back and the guys go get us drinks. Mel grabs the darts, puts quarters in the dart board and we play darts.
A few songs have played, mostly rock, but when the jukebox starts to play “Porn Star Dancing” by My Darkest Days and Zakk Wylde, My skin starts to crawl, “Ugh, I hate this song!!” I say out loud.
“Let’s go put money in that bitch and pay back the bastard back!” Mel says and we start laughing. We walk over to the jukebox and put money in choose our song, “Kiss You” by One Direction. “That’ll teach the fucker!” Mel says.

Mel, Lucy and I start dancing by the table, singing along with the song. I start scanning the bar and notice it’s more of an older crowd in here, but I keep scanning when my eyes connect with the same eyes that met me when we got here. He gives me that same cocky ass smile. My stomach does flips and I’m ready to throw up. Him and his buddies start to walk towards us. His eyes never leave mine. When he walks past me, he winks at me and walks over by the pool table.
Fuck, this guy is hot, he’s tall, 6’0” at least, and he’s wearing a white t-shirt, baggy blue jeans and converse shoes. His t-shirt hugs his body showing off his muscular build. He has tattoos going up both arms.  He’s wearing a black baseball cap turned backwards, but I can tell his hair is dark brown, but fuck his eyes though, I could get lost in those dark brown eyes. There’s mystery in his eyes, but yet you can tell he knows he could have any girl he wanted.  He’s not my type but he’s hot as fuck, there’s no denying that.
“Damn it Emily, snap out of it! Ain’t gonna happen!” I say to myself.

One Kiss More by Mandy Baxter

Title: One Kiss More
Author: Mandy Baxter
My Rating: A

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: U.S. Marshals #2
Main Characters: Emma and Landon
Release Date: February 2015
Publisher: Zebra
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Emma Ruiz knows her father is innocent. But that doesn’t help her convince the law—not even smoking hot U.S. Marshal Landon McCabe. When McCabe bangs on her door demanding information about how her cancer-stricken father escaped from federal prison, she’ll have to distract him somehow—it may as well be with a stolen kiss.

Landon gets why Emma isn’t saying all she knows. What he doesn’t understand is why he’s putting his reputation, his case, and his badge on the line for a gorgeous person of interest. Much as he’d love to, he can’t let Emma play him. The stakes are higher than either of them can guess. The only way to survive is to trust their instincts. But their instincts want more than one kiss…

My Review:
Sizzling chemistry is the key to what makes this story so good. Whoa...I loved watching Landon and Emma together on the page. They are antagonistic, both incredibly smart and witty, and that creates some of the best dialogue sequences and made this book a total joy to read. 

Emma is so smart. I adored her character. She plays at being a flighty socialite but that's all an act for the paparazzi. In reality, she's an incredibly smart and resourceful girl who's incredibly technologically savvy. In the six years since the Department of Justice worked to convict her father of a crime he didn't commit, she's been working to find justice and get a bit of revenge, too. But she didn't bargain for getting in deeper than she could handle and now her father has escaped from prison and the US Marshals are on her doorstep...again...asking questions about her father. At the lead is Landon, the marshal who originally arrested her father. 

And then there's Landon. He comes from big-time money, but walked away from it all to work for the Marshal service. He's completely and truly dedicated to his job, but Emma gets under his skin like no one else. Suddenly he finds that something is worth more to him than his job. He's known for his iron will and self control, but Emma tempts it at every turn and it makes for an incredibly hot, sizzling book that I fell in love with. Seriously, you can feel his lust for her as you read this book. Mandy Baxter did a great job with her mental descriptions and him. I loved this book!

And the book is pretty suspenseful, too. I was shocked where things went in the end with Jeremy, but the way that it all played out worked for me. And once again, I was loving Emma and her steel balls even in the face of some terrifying stuff happening.

Overall, I definitely recommend this one and the first one in the series, One Night More. And now I'm ready for Damien's story...we met him in this book and he's been undercover for a long time. What does that do to a guy? I can't wait to find out!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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Naughty Beach Fling by Mia Dee

Title: Naughty Beach Fling
Author: Mia Dee
My Rating: A

Genre: Erotica
Series: Are You Watching #1
Main Characters: Wendy, Justin, and Travis
Release Date: 2015
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Wendy Anderson’s good girl halo tarnishes in a big way when she discovers a few secrets about her husband’s sexy best friend, Travis Smith. Back in college, Travis made porn films to make ends meet. More surprising, her husband, Justin, used to film them and act as director. While on vacation, Wendy’s imagination goes wild and she can’t help but wonder if the two guys will indulge in some naughty beach fun.

This short novella is a work of erotica. It's short, hot, and contains: Wife watching and a little m/f/m action at the end. 10,800 words.

(Mia Dee is the pen name for erotic romance author Mia Downing.)
My Quickie Review:
Okay...disclaimer...I'm not much of an erotica reader. I like a little romance with my sex in books. But this book is good. And hot. And, oh so sexy. Yeah, I may change my mind about being a pure erotica reader.

This is a short little story, but it is not short on details. Wendy isn't the most adventurous person in her sex life, but that's before she overhears her husband and his friend talking about their sexual exploits in menage. She's tittilated and turned on...and you can see where this is going from there. 

I really enjoyed the set up for this. Even though it's total fiction and fantasy, it felt like something that could really happen and that made it even hotter. Justin, Wendy's husband, is a voyeur and everything about his reaction to Wendy's desire is incredibly sensuous. I liked and am looking forward to more...hopefully, from this same threesome because they were HOT together. Wow.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review. 

One Wish by Robyn Carr

Title: One Wish
Author: Robyn Carr
My Rating: B

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Thunder Point #7
Main Characters: Grace and Troy
Release Date: February 2015
Publisher: Harlequin
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Grace Dillon was a champion figure skater until she moved to Thunder Point to escape the ruthless world of fame and competition. And though she's proud of the quiet, self-sufficient life she's created running a successful flower shop, she knows something is missing. Her life could use a little excitement. 

In a community where there are few eligible singles, high school teacher Troy Headly appoints himself Grace's fun coach. When he suggests a little companionship with no strings attached, Grace is eager to take him up on his offer, and the two enjoy…getting to know each other. 

But things get complicated when Grace's past catches up with her, and she knows that's not what Troy signed up for. Faced with losing her, Troy realizes Grace is more than just a friend with benefits. He's determined to help her fight for the life she always wished for but never believed she could have—and maybe they can find real love along the way.

My Review:
I really liked the set-up on this one. I felt so bad for Troy in the last book when he didn't win Iris's heart...although I loved her with her hero. But he's so good with Grace and I do like the way that Robyn Carr wrote their connection that began purely as a friendship and then suddenly grew to more...something that Grace has wanted for a while.

And then there's Grace and her whole backstory. LOVE the gold-medal figure skating history and it totally worked with her overzealous mother. I loved that story and how Grace has tried to separate herself from that world and persona, even when the skating is so much a part of her. The story with her mom, with her old coach, with her flower mentors in all worked for me. 

I also really loved the flower shop setting with Grace's little loft up above. The programs that she's created and the creativity she shows through her all made for a great ambience in the background of the story. It also showed just how creative and industrious she is. She's good at this business thing despite what her mom thinks. 

I liked how Troy is an outdoor adventurer and their initial date on the coast was too much fun. I definitely had some giggles right alongside Grace. 

There's also a side story with Rae Ann and her pseudo niece Ginger. It gave a lot of depth to the story and I look forward to seeing where the author takes Ginger's story. I have a feeling she is an upcoming heroine in Thunder Point.

My only real complaint about this book is that there are moments when it seems like Robyn Carr's editors just let her slide with her writing because of who she is. The story will be moving along great and then she'll slip into three pages of passive story telling. It's painful to read, especially when I know how much better she can write. 
I received a complimentary copy  of this book in return for an honest review.

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Broken Honor by Tonya Burrows

Title: Broken Honor
Author: Tonya Burrows
My Rating: A

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: HORNET #3
Main Characters: Travis and Mara
Release Date: February 2015
Publisher: Entangled
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Ice-cold and unbreakable, Travis Quinn is the HORNET team's hard-ass. No weaknesses. Except, of course, for the accident that not only destroyed his career as a Navy SEAL, but left terrifying blanks in his memory. But Travis remembers everything about Mara Escareno--the curve of her lips, the feel of her body...and how he walked out on her suddenly six weeks ago.

Mara could never resist the dangerously sexy Travis, which is probably how she ended up pregnant and disowned by her family. But before Travis can fully process the news, Mara is kidnapped by his enemies and plunged into the violent, merciless world of human trafficking. They want Travis--and the information locked within his damaged memory--no matter the cost. And now Travis's enemies have discovered his only weakness...Mara.

My Review:
Definitely another winner with this third installment of the HORNET series. I've only read book #2, and I liked that one. But I think I enjoyed this one even more. The story is a great mix of military style missions and teamwork alongside the difficulties of a new relationship. At the heart of the conflict for it all is the high stress jobs these guys do every day. That affects everything, but most definitely their relationships. 

One of the most damaged of the team is Quinn. He was discharged from the SEALS two years ago after a car accident left him with brain trauma. He then joined HORNET and is the team XO, but the damage his brain has sustained has been getting incrementally worse...something he's been hiding from the team. The one positive thing that's been in his life has been Mara and he even managed to screw that up when he ran from her in the middle of the night when he realized he was getting to care too much about her. She deserves better than him. 

When he finds an old message on his phone from her, he knows that he needs to reconnect. He doesn't realize that he's exposing her to danger by going to her...and then the suspense line takes off. This is a team filled with scarred and mentally wounded heroes simply trying to survive and continue to make the world a safer place. Tonya Burrows does an incredible job keeping these guys real and vulnerable while at the same time showing them as the incredible, alpha heroes they are.

I loved Mara and how tough she is. She's been shunned by her family and hurt repeatedly by Quinn. But she stands up for herself. I love that she's built like a real person and how much Quinn loved that about her. The scene between Quinn's two friends, Gabe and Jesse, talking about Mara and Quinn's attraction to her is perfect. She is his perfect woman, even though she's not the world's ideal, and I love that.

The book is action packed from the very beginning. It's an incredibly riveting read and the fact that Quinn goes through most of it with incredible migraines and pain makes it that much more suspense-filled. I do love me a wounded hero. I loved him and Mara and could understand both their fears about their new relationship. I loved the team interactions and all the scenes in Russia were spectacularly written. I'm telling you...Tonya of the best romantic suspense writers out there right now. So good!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

First Time in Forever by Sarah Morgan

Title: First Time in Forever
Author: Sarah Morgan
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Puffin Island #1
Main Characters: Emily and Ryan
Release Date: February 2015
Publisher: Harlequin
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Windswept, isolated and ruggedly beautiful, Puffin Island is a haven for day-trippers and daydreamers alike. But this charming community has a way of bringing people together in the most unexpected ways…

It's been a summer of firsts for Emily Donovan. From becoming a stand-in mom to her niece Lizzie to arriving on Puffin Island, her life has become virtually unrecognizable. Between desperately safeguarding Lizzie and her overwhelming fear of the ocean—which surrounds her everywhere she goes!—Emily has lost count of the number of "just breathe" pep talks she's given herself. And that's before charismatic local yacht club owner Ryan Cooper kisses her…

Ryan knows all about secrets. And it's clear that newcomer Emily—with her haunted eyes and the little girl she won't let out of her sight—is hiding from something besides the crazy chemistry between them. So Ryan decides he's going to make it his personal mission to help her unwind and enjoy the sparks! But can Puffin Island work its magic on Emily and get her to take the biggest leap of trust of all—putting her heart in someone else's hands?

My Review:
Everything about this story was good. I liked the setup with Emily and Lizzie and the whole awful backstory as to why their situation was so impossible for Emily. I liked the conflict for Ryan, even when it's so obvious that he's perfect for Emily and Lizzie. 

Emily's back story takes a long time to come out in this book. I'm not going to spoil any of it, but if anything, it was even more horrific than I expected. This poor heart aches for her and the fact that she's closed herself off emotionally from the world. Lizzie threatens that. How can any person turn away a child in need like Lizzie is. I loved watching how their relationship transpired and developed. 

Ryan has similar issues as Emily. He won't allow himself to become attached. He's too busy enjoying his bachelor life of freedom and no responsibilities. But both the hero and the heroine find out in this book that attachments sneak up on them. From the very beginning, Ryan is all-in and ready to seduce Emily, but that's all it is...seduction. He wants no part of kids ever again. Been there, done that, don't plan to do it again. But despite that, he is so natural and good with Lizzie. I love how she falls in love with him...much quicker than Emily does. She sees what he means to their lives even when the hero and heroine are in deep denial. 

The story flows naturally and kept my interest fully engaged from page one. The backdrop is amazing and I enjoyed pretty much every aspect of the story. 

From the very first Sarah Morgan book I read (I think that was just last year), she has never let me down with her quality writing. This book sets up a wonderful small community series on Puffin Island. We get glimpses (and more) of future heroes and heroines and already their stories enrich this one. It's a great island and a great cast of characters. I absolutely fell in love with Ryan, Emily, and Lizzie and definitely can't wait for more. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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Cole's Redemption by J.D. Tyler

Title: Cole's Redemption
Author: J.D. Tyler
My Rating: B

Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Series: Alpha Pack #5
Main Characters: Zan and Selene
Release Date: March 2014
Publisher: Signet
Links to Purchase:

Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Once, they were Navy SEALS. Now they are the Alpha Pack: a top secret team of wolf shifters with Psy powers who take on the darkest dangers on Earth. But sometimes the greatest danger lies within their own hearts....

Healer and black wolf shifter Zander Cole has survived horrors that would have broken a weaker man. But when a battle leaves him deaf and his powers dimmed, Zan is devastated. Believing himself to be a burden to his team, he sees only one option: leave the Pack forever.

White wolf shifter Selene Westfall knows pain—she is certain her father was responsible for her mother’s death. And she lives to exact revenge. So when she is challenged by a savage black wolf, she puts up a vicious fight—only to become the black wolf’s Bondmate as a result of his bite.

Two damaged souls—one filled with hatred and one who’s lost his reason for living—are forced together as they come to terms with their unlikely, turbulent bond. A love neither expected may be all that stands between them and a killer trying desperately to keep the past dead and buried....

My Review:
I listened to most of this book in audiobook form. Honestly, I don't think I should listen to this author's stories in audio. In this particular book, there seemed to be quite a bit of lovey-dovey schmaltz-y style talk which I normally don't enjoy, but it's 10 times worse when listening to me, anyway. I honestly don't think it would have been near the aggravation to me if I had simply been reading the book and I would have given this book a slightly higher rating. 

Because I did enjoy the story overall. Zan and Selene both have rough back stories. He's quickly going deaf because he's overused his gift of healing and he's having to accept that he's a detriment to Alpha Pack, a group of friends that he lives for. 

Selene is new on the scene in this story. She's Nick's daughter. He's the leader of the alpha pack and she wants and plans to kill him for revenge. Zan and Selene don't realize they are mates until it's too late and they're already bonded so this is an insta-relationship kind of book. 

I did like the complex emotions that built up the back story of this book. I think there could have been a bit more conflict for Zan and Selene and their unexpected mate bond. Their immediate joy about having hot, easy sex seemed to be just too easy and the two accepted that really readily  I would have liked to have seen them fight that mate-bond a bit just on principle. 

Nick played a lot into this story, too. I loved his aspect of the story and am so ready to read his book. One of the great things about falling behind in this series is that I can immediately jump into his book. 

Overall this wasn't my favorite book from the series, but I do blame a lot of that on listening to the first 75% of it on audio. This is nothing against the narrator. I just don't personally feel that this author's writing style is good combination for me personally in audio. And I know that's not an issue for me when simply reading her books as I've adored all of her series so far.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bite Marks by Rebecca Royce

Title: Bite Marks
Author: Rebecca Royce
My Rating: B

Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Series: -
Main Characters: George and Trudy
Release Date: January 2015
Publisher: Fated Desires
Links to Purchase:

Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
George is a mystery writer in a small town who wants nothing more than one date with the local bartender named Trudy. When he finally scores a date, he is ecstatic. But the night before he his bitten by a vampire–and accidentally transformed into a member of the Undead. He assumes any chance he had with Trudy died the same night his need for food did. 

But, Trudy is more than she seems. A werewolf hunter on the run she knows all about vampires and if she can keep them both alive for any length of time, she might be just what George needs to survive. 

Can love survive an accidental bite?

My Review:
This is a light entertaining read. George is a quiet novelist who's had a crush on the local bartender forever. She's turned him down for a date 8 times. Well, the 9th time is the charm but before they can go on their date, George is accidentally turned into a vampire.

Luckily for him, Trudy is a werewolf hunter so she knows all about the paranormal world and isn't weirded out by his new diet. But she has her own set of issues since she's being hunted by werewolves...not sure where that all fit in with the werewolf HUNTER side of her persona, but there it is. 

This isn't a real long story and it doesn't have a whole lot of depth, but it was fun and kept my interest throughout. There are several roadblocks to Trudy and George's relationship along the way that have to do with them both being part of the paranormal world. 

It's a light, quick read and there were some funny moments that left me smiling. It served as a good diversion from the real world for a couple of hours.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Dirty Dining by EM Lynley

Title: Dirty Dining
Author: EM Lynley
My Rating: A

Genre: Erotic Romance (m/m)
Series: -
Main Characters: Jeremy and Brice
Release Date: January 2015
Publisher: Dreamspinner
Links to Purchase:

Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Jeremy Linden’s a PhD student researching an HIV vaccine. He’s always short of money, and when biotech startup PharmaTek reduces funding for his fellowship, he’s tempted to take a job at a men’s dining club as a serving boy. The uniforms are skimpy, and he’s expected to remove an item of clothing after each course. He can handle that, but he soon discovers there’s more on the menu here than fine cuisine. How far will he go to pay his tuition, and will money get in the way when he realizes he’s interested in more from one of his gentlemen?

Brice Martin is an attorney for a Silicon Valley venture capital firm. When he’s asked to take a client to the infamous Dinner Club, he finds himself unexpectedly turned on by the atmosphere and especially by his server, Remy. He senses there’s more to the sexy young man than meets the eye. The paradox fascinates him, and he can’t get enough of Remy.

Their relationship quickly extends beyond the club and sex. But the trust and affection they’ve worked to achieve may crumble when Jeremy discovers Brice’s VC firm is the one that pulled the plug on PharmaTek—and Jeremy’s research grant.
My  Review:
I read a review of this book this morning from a fellow reviewer who said you either love or hate this book, there doesn't seem to be much middle ground. She hated it. BUT I loved it. This story totally worked for me and I thought it was incredibly hot and sexy. 

Jeremy is a grad student working and doing research for an HIV vaccine. He's a typical college guy in that there's never quite enough money and the fact that he works under a grant makes his situation all the more scary because his funding can disappear at any point. He's approached at his gym and offered a job to come work at the Dinner Club. The only thing he has to do is be willing to take off his clothes. He's not interested at first, but a series of bad luck changes his mind.

The thing that works so well in this book is that both Brice and Jeremy are completely uncomfortable with the entire situation. Neither of them are used to this kind of circumstance and while they are incredibly turned on by it, that doesn't mean they don't question, constantly, wth they are doing here. For me, that made this whole book work for me. I loved them and their immediate connection even in these bizarre circumstances. 

The relationship slowly builds up...something else you wouldn't expect that you could do with the general set-up of the story, but I really admire the way EM Lynley designed how the club works and these guy's reaction to it all. It worked for me. The only thing I didn't like was where Brice worked...besides Ron, there were some real jerks working there, but I guess that's also reality for a lot of people. 

This book worked for me and I'm begging... PLEASE, EM Lynley, write a book for Sky Blue! I'm completely intrigued by him and want to know more. PLEASE!!