Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Trade Me by Courtney Milan

Title: Trade Me 
Author: Courtney Milan
My Rating: A+

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Cyclone #1
Main Characters: Tina and Blake
Release Date: January 2015
Publisher: Femtopress
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Tina Chen just wants a degree and a job, so her parents never have to worry about making rent again. She has no time for Blake Reynolds, the sexy billionaire who stands to inherit Cyclone Technology. But when he makes an off-hand comment about what it means to be poor, she loses her cool and tells him he couldn’t last a month living her life.

To her shock, Blake offers her a trade: She’ll get his income, his house, his car. In exchange, he’ll work her hours and send money home to her family. No expectations; no future obligations.

But before long, they’re trading not just lives, but secrets, kisses, and heated nights together. No expectations might break Tina’s heart...but Blake’s secrets could ruin her life.

My Review:
Whoa, this story absolutely blew me away with how good it was. I'm not a historical girl, so I've never read Courtney Milan before. I have a ton of friends who rave about her writing, though, so when I saw that she'd come out with a contemporary romance, I jumped at it. It so greatly surpassed my expectations though...WOW. I truly loved and adored this book, these characters, this story. 

This is a New Adult story...and that's right. Both the hero and heroine are in college, but for me, it didn't have the over-the-top NA angst that so many of these books have. Don't get me wrong...there is a ton of emotion to the story, but never does it feel immature or so overblown. The story is smart and sexy. The dialogue is some of the best I've ever read. Put Tina together with Blake's father and the back and forth between them was incredible. 

But it's not just Tina and Adam (Blake's father). At the heart of this story is Tina and Blake. To look at them, they have nothing in common. Her parents' fled from China after her father was imprisoned and tortured for three months. She pays a lot of their bills and her college. She constantly on the edge of living on the street because she's counting her money down to the penny. Blake is the son of the CEO who owns the largest Tech company in the world (think Apple) and he's been hand's on with the company since childhood and has the money in his checkbook to match. He's a billionaire in his own right. But they have a HUGE thing in common...they are both drowning under the weight of their responsibilities. So in a fit of desperation mixed with incredible chemistry, they decide to trade lives. And really what it is, is a way to actually escape their own lives. 

And then there's Blake and his father. Never, ever, have I ever read a father and son relationship in a book that was more heartwarming and gorgeous than these two. (Think if the Gilmore girls were guys...) It's always just been Blake and Adam since there's NO information about Blake's mother that he knows of. She's just not there. But the two guys have an incredible relationship and from the outside, it just looks so wrong. But they have so much between them and they relate like guys...it's pretty brash, but it works...so freaking well. 

And surrounding all this fabulousness is some seriously great tech gadgets and the fun of planning the launch for the newest of the gadgets...one that is actually Blake's baby and design. The end of this book could not have been any better. I smiled all through those last scenes...so sweet and fun and smart.

And now I'm bouncing in my seat ready for books #2 and #3...

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review. But on release day, I stalked it on Amazon until the print copy came up for sale, because this is one that I HAVE TO HAVE on my keeper shelf. I LOVED IT!

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