Friday, January 2, 2015

Josie's Miracle by Dawn Sullivan

Title: Josie's Miracle
Author: Dawn Sullivan
My Rating: B

Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Series: White River Wolves #1
Main Characters: Josie and Ryker
Release Date: December 2014
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
A doctor for the White River Wolves, Josie Bennett is devoted to her pack and her calling to heal those in need. Then one fateful night changes everything.

As an enforcer for the Shifter Council, Ryker Kain has pledged himself to the council and dedicated his life to serving and protecting its members.

Ryker and Josie cross paths when Ryker is sent to track down a rogue wolf pack that has kidnapped and terrorized a young female fox shifter. Unable to fight the mate bond, they surrender to the undeniable desire between them.

When Ryker must leave to complete his mission, will the passion that brought them together be enough to fight the ties that threaten to tear them apart?

My Review:
This is the first of a new series from Dawn Sullivan...although it seems to be an offshoot of her other RARE series. (I haven't read that series, but had no issues understanding the world or characters, so it works fine if you haven't read that one either.) 

This series is centered around the town/village/settlement of White River. In this village, Josie is the doctor and is a wolf shifter. While out running as a wolf, she comes across a kidnapped bear shifter child and rescues him. That brings Ryker to her...he's a bear shifter who works for RARE...the law enforcement agency for the shifter community. 

This is an insta-love story since immediately the two know they are mates....which I can accept as a story line in the shifter world. 

There were several things that I really liked about the story...
*I liked that Josie is a strong character who's very independent. Her job as the settlement doctor worked for me. I loved how she immediately went into that strong protective mode the minute she realized the cub was in danger. As a doctor her job is to heal, but that doesn't stop her from being aggressive physically when she has to. 
*I liked the heat between Ryker and Josie. I also really liked how protective he was of her. Ryker is a serious alpha-like character (but not an alpha in the pack hierarchy)...he's protective and definitely works to shield the women around him...both Josie and his partner. I love that he's in law enforcement and that bit of story made me curious about the RARE series.
*I LOVED the hints of the story about the settlement alphas who are mated, but at odds. I want to definitely know more about them and their history. I expect they will have their own novel soon because every time they were on the page, they managed to steal the scene. 
*The kidnapping pointed to a larger conspiracy. I'm interested to see where the author goes with that. 

I really enjoyed the story overall, although I didn't feel as connected to Ryker as a character as I did Josie, but even from the title you get that...this is Josie's story. There were a few minor weaknesses in the writing, but it's definitely a promising start to this series. I'll probably check out the next in the series when it comes out. 

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