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Hunter's Heart by Rita Henuber

Title: Hunter's Heart 
Author: Rita Henuber
My Rating: A-

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Under Fire #4
Main Characters: Hunter and Celia
Release Date: December 2014
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:

Navy SEAL, Santino “Hunter” Lozano is ready to settle down. The problem is finding a woman suited to the long separations and hardships of a military wife. When Hunter meets Celia West, he believes he’s finally found the woman. A smart, beautiful Department of Defense contractor, Celia conducts “after-action” interviews with Special Operators giving her special knowledge of the demands of his job. She also understands there are things about the job he can never share.

Celia has long wondered what the secretive Spec Ops men are like away from the job. When the hot and mysterious SEAL asks her out, she accepts thinking there might also by some fun time between the sheets.

Hunter soon makes it clear wants more than fun time. He’s determined to have Celia in his life and he sets about to make it happen.

Celia’s personal and professional life is a complicated tangle of dark secrets and she can’t afford to let anyone close. Not even Hunter could protect her should the violent problems of her past reappear.

Celia gives in to deeper feelings and Hunter sweeps her into a life of love, family and loyalty she thought she could never have.

And maybe she can’t. To be with Hunter Celia realizes she must share her secrets. At least some of them, for telling all would place him in more danger than he’s ever known and she would surely lose him.

    My Review:
    Overall, I enjoyed this book. I like a good military romance and Hunter is a good example as to why I enjoy this genre. As a SEAL, he is a true team player...honest, loyal, and he wants what most of the guys on his team already have...a family to come home to. A wife. But that isn't easy for most SEAL's just because the nature of the job requires them to hide so many details. When he meets Celia, he's drawn to her not only because of their chemistry, but because of the nature of her job, she understands that as a SEAL most of what he does can never be talked about. 

    But Celia isn't all that she seems. In fact, Celia was a difficult character all the way around. Because of her circumstances and upbringing she doesn't let anyone get close. Nobody. But somehow Hunter sneaks below her walls before she even realizes it's happening (SEAL's are good at that type of thing).

    It takes a long time for Celia's entire story to come out, but what is revealed is horrifying. I will admit though, she is so stoic and cold...even in the's hard to become attached to and feel the empathy that she probably truly deserved. Hunter is such a great character...honestly, it didn't matter to me that I wasn't as emotionally invested in her side of the story line. His character definitely carried the book...although the brunt of the action revolved around her.

    But I did like the two of them together and loved Hunter's scenes with the members of his team, who are his true family even though he also has a big Italian family too. 

    The climax for the story is what took this book from an A rating to an A-. I'm a huge romantic fiction reader, so I'm able to suspend disbelief to a reasonable level. But the climactic scene in this book had a minor issue in that there was way too much coincidence in timing for everything to happen just coincidentally while Hunter was there. And I realize as an author that it's difficult to work those things out. But overall, like I said, that was a minor detail that had me shaking my head just a bit.

    But the book as a whole...I liked it. A lot. I think this is my third Rita Henuber read and I do like her style. If you enjoy military romance, I definitely recommend you add her books to your TBR pile.

    I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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