Friday, December 12, 2014

Hummingbird House by Kenzie Cade

Title: Hummingbird House
Author: Kenzie Cade
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: -
Main Characters: Trenton and Callum
Release Date: December 2014
Publisher: Dreamspinner
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
To honor his grandmother's final request, Trenton Appleton drops everything to visit the family’s ancestral home: Hummingbird House, where he experienced his first kiss and first heartbreak with Callum Eason.

Eight years ago, confused by his attraction to Trent, Callum reacted badly. But with help he never expected, Callum found himself and learned to accept who he was.

Now Trent is back at Hummingbird House, and Callum has his opportunity to salvage their friendship, at least. But Trent is less receptive than he was all those years ago. Still, Callum is determined to show Trent he has changed and keep his promise to Trent’s grandmother. When past mistakes repeat themselves, Callum must break the cycle before his last chance with Trent passes him by.

My Review:
What a gorgeous, sweet, tear-inducing story. This...THIS is what I look for when I want a holiday read. This was a great little mental escape full of holiday magic, but laced with heartache that just pulled at my emotions.

From the age of 14 Trent has been raised and loved by his grandmother when no one else cared enough to take care of him. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's just a few years later and Trent has spent his life caring and loving her at the detriment of his own life, but he's okay with that. He loved her with all his heart so the sacrifice was worth it. But now she's gone and he's trying to pick up the pieces. 

That begins with going back to England to visit Hummingbird House...a home where he spent his summers and the family there that loved him and substituted for the one that abandoned him. At the middle of that family is Callum, the boy Trent loved until Callum callously broke his heart. Another rejection. Another person who didn't love him. But that was 8 years ago and Trent knows that he has to face facts about Callum's life that's moved on without him...but all isn't as he expects.

This Trent absolutely broke my heart. His life has been so hard, but the last years have been filled with love because of his grandmother. The grandmother who he's now having to mourn. He doesn't know how to deal with this loss by himself so it's a shock to realize that he still has that family he hasn't seen in 8 years in Callum's family in England. I loved how they embraced and helped him with open arms. For all purposes, Trent is alone in this world, but Callum's family is huge and their enveloping care and hugs for him made me smile. He needs that so bad and I loved that familial aspect to the story...something I wasn't expecting from this book, but it was very well done. 

Another thing that was very well done was the point of view in this story. Talk about creative...I don't think I've ever read another book written like this, but it worked for me which I never would have guessed. The book is told from both Callum and Trent's POV, but Callum's sections are told in 3rd person while Trent's are told in 1st person. I liked it. It kept the book in deep pov, but made it so that the book was more Trent's story than Callum's while still allowing the reader insight into Callum's psyche. I loved that and bravo to Kenzie Cade for trying something so avant garde and doing it so extremely well. 

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