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Loving Him Off the Field by Jeanette Murray

Title: Loving Him Off the Field
Author: Jeanette Murray
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Santa Fe Bobcats #2
Main Characters: Aileen and Killian
Release Date: October 2014
Publisher: Intermix
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Sometimes the best defense is a good offense…

Aileen is a sports reporter trying to make a name for herself without relying on her looks, And what better way to do that than to break a scandal about one of the fastest rising stars on the Santa Fe Bobcats? Killian seems too good to be true, so she knows he must be hiding something…

It’s hard enough breaking into the NFL—even more so when you’re a single dad. Killian isn’t proud that he’s keeping his son a secret, but his ex has a reputation that could tarnish his squeaky clean image for good. So when Aileen starts sniffing around, Killian decides to distract her by any means necessary.

But Aileen is more than capable of giving as good as she gets…

My Review:
I loved the first book in this series and enjoyed this one just as much.

Killian is a pro NFL kicker with a secret. As a result, he doesn't let anyone into his life...not his teammates, not the fans, and sure not the media. He has a son who's he's sacrificed everyone in his world for...to protect him. But that's the big mystery throughout so much of this book...why is it so important that NO ONE find out about this child? I couldn't see what could make that secret such a huge deal...until the author revealed the exact circumstances and then it all made sense. That part of the story line is perfectly played and written with the perfect levels of suspense to it.

On the flip side of all this is Aileen. She's a reporter who works for a sports themed blog. She does fluff pieces without stooping to paparazzi levels. She hates that aspect of the media and refuses to twist her own personal ideals for the sake of her job...although that is causing issues with her boss and the stability of her job. But Killian is so reclusive and closed-mouth that he's a hot commodity. One that Aileen has managed to ingratiate herself with. He's agreed to do an unheard of 30-day-all-access interview with Aileen...mainly because he's become intrigued with her unusual approach and the chemistry between them.

I loved Aileen and Killian together. They are so fun especially when he's grumpy and annoyed with her. But he can't seem to help but be drawn to her because she is just that honest and real with him and what she wants from him. I loved how unbending Aileen is with her personal rules for invasion of privacy no matter how difficult that makes her job as a journalist. She won't compromise her ideals for the sake of a juicy story. I admired and respected that about her...just like the other ball players in the story responded to that also. 

The secret with Charlie, Killian's son, is such a huge one. I kept debating what the issue could be with Charlie to make his existence such a hard-kept secret, but I had no guesses and the tiny things I could come up with were no where close to what it truly was. I love it when an author can surprise me like that.  

Killian has a huge character development arc in this story and it is so fun to watch him grow and learn to trust again...from his ability to trust his new-found friendships and camaraderie within his team to trusting Aileen as a journalist. I enjoyed watching their relationship grow and just the overall story on this one. It's just flat-out a fun-to-read story. I definitely recommend it and can't wait for more from this series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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