Monday, October 20, 2014

Holiday at Magnolia Bay by Tracy Solheim

Title: Holiday at Magnolia Bay
Author: Tracy Solheim
My Rating: B+

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: -
Main Characters: Drew and Jenna
Release Date: October 2014
Publisher: Tule Publishing
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
When Navy SEAL Drew Lanham sees Jenna Huntley rising out of Magnolia Bay, she reminds him of the goddess of the sea, but he has to ignore her siren’s call as he’s home on a brief leave trying to recover from a devastating mission where he lost a teammate. 

Jenna’s more interested in protecting and studying Sea Turtles and building a local hatchery than in men; except when she first locks eyes with Drew, she realizes he just might be the one man who can pull her out of her lab and into his bed to celebrate Christmas Magnolia Bay style.

My Review:
I think this is the first for me...a story centered around a heroine who's a marine biologist that specializes in sea turtles. 

Magnolia Bay is where sea turtles hatch and make their amazing journey into the sea. Growing up and visiting this little village transformed Jenna's adult life in that she fell in love with the turtles and preserving their special circle of life. Sharing her passion is Drew's godmother. She also has the money to help support Jenna's dream of a special hatchery so that Jenna can permanently move her studies and efforts to Magnolia Bay.

Drew is in Magnolia Bay because he needs an escape. On his last SEAL mission, he had to leave a downed team member behind and he's haunted by that failure. Nightmares and PTSD bring him to Jenna and her turtles. Before he met her, he didn't honestly think that the recommended sex will help with his mental issues. But after meeting her, he's suddenly rethinking his stance.

This was an interesting book just in that the whole turtle migration is such a fascinating thing. It provided a fun and unusual backdrop for the story and I liked that aspect of it. I also enjoyed the whole family complexities with Drew's family. There is much more going on there than what we get to see on the surface. But that doesn't even compare to Jenna's secrets. I was literally whooping out loud when all her family "issues" came out. 

The book was fun and entertaining and I definitely liked it. I recommend it and look forward to more...maybe Drew's brother?? Please...

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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