Thursday, October 16, 2014

His To Protect (audiobook) by Katie Reus

Title: His To Protect
Author: Katie Reus
Narrator: Pyper Down
My Rating: B+

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Red Stone Security #5
Main Characters: Kell and Charlotte
Release Date: January 2013
Publisher: -
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
No woman ever affected Red Stone Security expert Kell Malone quite like Charlotte Bastien. It’s been a year since that incredibly intense night they spent together and he still can’t get her out of his head. When he discovers she’s in Miami—with their three-month-old son—he’s stunned. Hurt. He’s also determined to know his child, and if she’ll give him the chance, to make a life with the stubborn woman who has sworn off love.

Single mom Charlotte came to Miami to tell Kell about their son, and that’s all—she won’t open her heart just to have it trashed by another man. Unfortunately, Kell makes that hard. He’s everything she wants, and just one look from him unleashes wicked memories and wild desires. When she witnesses a murder and lands on a hit list, Kell steps up to protect her and their son, but winning her love proves to be the hardest mission he’s ever undertaken.
My Review:
Overall.... 4.0
Performance... 4.0

Story.... 4.0

I only listen to audiobooks while I'm doing my household chores each week and honestly, I try not to spend too much time in those chores each week. As a result, it can sometimes take me over a month to get through a full audiobook. That's a bit too much time to invest, but that's where this audio was perfect for me. I'm a romantic suspense girl and with just over 3 hours of audio on the unabridged version of this story, it was perfect for me. 

And in this book, that shortened story worked for me simply because Kell and Charlotte have their history behind them. Kell loved Charlotte for years, but she was married to his best friend. A best friend that she found out was cheating on her after his death. In the midst of the confusion of her husband's death, they got swept away with desire and had a one night stand. Kell wanted it to be so much more. Charlotte couldn't handle that and fled. Then she had a baby...Kell's baby. 

This story takes place when that baby is three months basically a year after their single night. Like I said, I'm not sure if this shortened story would have worked for me without their history. Charlotte also realizes that she did Kell wrong by not getting in touch with him when she got pregnant. I love that she owned up to that and instead of bristling at Kell's edicts, she agrees that he has some valid reasons for his demands. That was such a turnaround from most hidden baby stories and I liked the change. Also, the high drama of the situation (she stumbles on a murder) makes their sudden closeness even more believable. 

I liked this one. I think the narrator did a great job on the audiobook and I love the short time needed to commit to this book. I plan to listen to more of the Red Stone series this way. I hope they all play out as well for me. I think that they will. 

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