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Icebound by Corinna Rogers

Title: Icebound
Author: Corinna Rogers
My Rating: B+

Genre: Urban Fantasy (m/m)
Series: Mortals and Myths #1
Main Characters: Shane and Drake
Release Date: September 2014
Publisher: HarperCollins
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
The first book in an intense, thrilling and erotic, m/m urban fantasy series from an exciting new author in the genre!

It’s been ten years since Shane Conell sold his soul to the Ice King in order to save the life of the man he loves. Correction, loved.

After ten years, it’s growing difficult to remember love, and hate, and laughter – until a chance appears to get back the only thing his frozen heart still wants…

Drake Young is doing fine. Really. He’s got a good job, nice benefits, and the soulless husk of his old lover only comes by to torment him every so often. However, it only takes the appearance of a creature from the Etherworld wreaking havoc on the decidedly nonmagical city streets to drag him out of retirement, forcing him to team up with the one person he can’t bear even to look at!

Now, Drake and Shane must race against the clock to keep their city from being destroyed, even if it means working together. And no matter how difficult it is to catch the creature, it’s a hell of a lot more difficult to resist the urges that ten years haven’t managed to kill.
My Review:
I'll admit, I had no idea what to expect from this book going into it. I will say though that it was so much more than that idea, whatever it was. LOL.

This is an extremely dark, difficult book to read. It's set in an urban fantasy world where magic and fae and dark beings threaten humanity. Shane is a mage who has sold his soul to the Ice King. There's very little humanity left in him, but what there is, is there because of his incredible love for Drake. 

Drake and Shane have been lovers for 20 years. Their love story is revealed in little snippets of history throughout the book. It's painful to read and so heartbreaking because they've lost so much and they had such hard lives before finding one another in the first place. But Shane sold his soul to save Drake's life. Even at the end, he knows that was not the wrong choice to make...that's a powerful love, especially after the last ten years of pain. 

But Shane under the Ice King's thumb is not a nice guy. He has no soul and he torments Drake. Even after 10 years, the two can't stay apart, but Shane is a purely evil version of himself. He has memories of his life before this, but with every day that passes, they get smaller and smaller and his humanity becomes less and less. 

The two are thrown together in this book trying to bring down a Soul-Thief. Along the way things go really badly over and over. Watching them, the helplessness at them finding a way to be together is overwhelming. I wanted to just cry for them. 

The book is brutal and not just emotionally. There's an extremely graphic sexual assault. I absolutely understand why it was in the book, but I would imagine that a lot of people are going to have an issue with it. Be's in there. My issue with it wasn't that it was there, it was that Shane didn't deal with it and no matter how dead he was inside, he was still there and experienced it. I have a feeling there will be more about that eventually. 

This is just the first book in the series and it definitely set up for many more unanswered questions at the end. Shane is more powerful than any other mage...there's a reason for that and the title of the next book gave a HUGE hint about it. I have to admit, I am EXTREMELY excited to see where this series is going because I really did enjoy this first book...dark subject matter and all. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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