Friday, September 26, 2014

He's So Fine by Jill Shalvis

Title: He's So Fine
Author: Jill Shalvis
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Lucky Harbor #11
Main Characters: Olivia and Cole
Release Date: September 2014
Publisher: Forever
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
For Olivia Bentley, Lucky Harbor is more than the town where she runs her new vintage shop. It's the place where folks are friendly to strangers-and nobody knows her real name. Olivia does a good job of keeping her past buried, not getting too cozy with anyone . . . until she sees a man drowning. Suddenly she's rushing into the surf, getting up close and personal with the hottest guy she's ever laid hands on.

Charter boat captain Cole Donovan has no problem with a gorgeous woman throwing her arms around his neck in an effort to "save" him. In fact, he'd like to spend a lot more time skin-to-skin with Olivia. He's just not expecting that real trouble is about to come her way. Will it bring her deeper into Cole's heart, or will it be the end of Olivia's days in little Lucky Harbor?
My Review:
This book had such an amazing back story that I really liked. Olivia was a child star, playing a nine year old on a sitcom...until she hit puberty and then her world, including her family, abandoned her. She didn't handle that well at all, but you know, EVERY single person in her life left her because she wasn't the star anymore. That doesn't do a lot for one's self-worth. My heart hurt so much for her and the scars she has. Now she's left that world behind and reinvented herself as another person. She never wants to be that person again and would be happy if no one ever knows about her past, but you know how secrets go in stories like this. She also works VERY HARD to keep her distance from people. If she doesn't get attached then she can't get hurt. 

Cole doesn't really have secrets although they've surrounded him...some more are revealed throughout this story. As a result, he doesn't trust easily. You can see where this story is going from the very beginning with the secrets that Olivia is keeping, but I loved it all the same. I liked both Olivia and Cole. They are both so prickly, but can't fight the attraction between them. I also loved Olivia's gumption. Her actions in that opening scene on the boat and the peeking were awesome. I just kept laughing out loud through that scene and every time it was brought up afterwards. 

I've loved this entire series, but I love these three women living in the warehouse with the non-existant insulation and how intertwined that makes all of them in each others' love lifes. But the incredible view of the charter boat hotties makes up for the sometimes uncomfortable living conditions. I loved the images of Olivia's store and her fascination with items that have a story. And the little side-story with the twins and the dress-up clothes...LOVE!

As always, this was another great edition in this series. Any of these books work as a standalone, but I recommend the entire series. ALL these books have been incredible. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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