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Ethan, Who Loved Carter by Ryan Loveless

Title: Ethan, Who Loved Carter
Author: Ryan Loveless
My RatingB
Narrated byK.C. Kelly 

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: -
Main CharactersCarter and Ethan
Release Date: September 2012
Publisher: Dreamspinner
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
By twenty-four, Carter Stevenson has stuttered and ticced his way to debilitating shyness. Although his friends accuse him of letting his Tourette's dictate his life, Carter moves from Los Angeles to a quiet California town. He'll keep his head down and avoid people. He doesn't anticipate his new neighbor, Ethan Hart, crashing into his solitude and forcing him to get out and live.

From the beginning, Ethan makes his love for Carter clear. But he fears Carter won't see past Ethan's damaged brain, even though it makes Ethan more attuned to his emotions than most people. For Carter, there's a bigger issue: he's been burned by so-called "perfect" matches, and he won't risk his heart again.

One way or another, Ethan's determined to show Carter they belong together. Then Ethan receives tragic news. Suddenly he must turn to Carter for strength and support. Will Carter come through when Ethan needs him most?

My Review:
Overall.... 4.0
Performance... 4.75

Story.... 3.5

On the one hand, this was an incredible book because the author took two unlikely characters for a romance story and made them into heartwarming, loving people that I truly loved to read about. On the other hand, there were issues with this relationship which made me uncomfortable and made me question the validity of the romance.

Carter is an adult with Tourettes which has made it hard for him to have a true relationship. His ticks and jerks are difficult for men to deal with. Ethan, who was brain damaged at the age of 18, sees Carters body ticks as a kind of music. Ever since his injury he sees the world differently than the rest of us do and he sees Carters ticks as a melody, music floating through the clouds. In that regard, this story was beautiful. I loved how Ethan saw the beauty in Carter. 

Where this story didn't work for me was in their maturity levels. Ethan has brain damage and in so many ways is very child-like and needs someone to watch over him. While I completely got and understood the bond between the two men...for the first time, Carter has found someone who sees his ticks and jerks as beautiful...I have a hard time seeing them in an equal relationship for the long-haul. There's nothing wrong with Carter's's fully developed and matured. I think the child-like, heavily sexed up relationship between the two would eventually not be enough for Carter mentally and he wouldn't have that same level of satisfaction. And if that happened, Ethan would be completely and totally devastated over the loss. I don't think Ethan would be able to come back from that kind of heartbreak. Watching his breakdown in the book when his life took an unexpected twist...I think that having Carter gone from his life would be SO MUCH MORE of a blow to him mentally than the challenge he had in the story. 

And this is where I get too involved with the characters that AREN'T REAL...LOL. Because let's face it, if Ryan Lovelace wants them to stay together than these two are totally going to have an HEA that lasts until they are over 100 years old. I just need to keep telling myself and reassuring myself that he'll make sure they stay happy and stable together. 

Fiction=Make Believe from the author's imagination=I can trust the author that he will keep these characters happy.

Note: I listened to the audiobook version of this book. K.C. Kelly was an AMAZING narrator...from Ethan's slightly slower voice to Carter's ticks and stutters, the narration was 100% fabulous!

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Yep! Totally agree. There is a fine line with this one that can go into so deep thinking places.