Monday, August 18, 2014

Ante Up by Amanda Carlson

Title: Ante Up
Author: Amanda Carlson
My Rating: B+

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Sin City Collectors
Main Characters: Diesel and Sofia
Release Date: August 2014
Publisher: -
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:

Diesel Jones is a shifter who has issues with the moon, but he quickly finds that Sofia Cabrera, a clever witch who just moved in to town, is his only hope to reach his goal of becoming a Collector. When they pair up to take down an incubus, she not only saves his life, but wins his heart in the process…

My Review:
This is the third book I've read from the Sin City Collectors and I really just love the whole premise of this series. The series premise is that paranormals have their own police force/ bounty hunter system called the Collectors. Collectors are in charge of bringing in paranormals who step outside the boundaries of their laws. Because Vegas is such a "weird" city, it draws an more paranormals to its city than most. As such the Sin City Collectors are the best in the world. 

Diesel is a wolf shifter, bar bouncer for Griffin, Jake, and a wanna-be collector. But he has one big issue...he has an extra-sensitivity to the moon that most shifters don't have that makes him a bit unbalanced that time of the month. He's been working on his self-control, but there are still times where he's questionable. The head of the Collectors wants to send him out on a test run...which just happens to fall during the full moon. To further complicate the assignment, his job is to bring in an incubi, a species that Diesel used to kill on sight because of a personal that just so happens to tie to his unusual moon-sensitivity.

The heroine is a witch named Sofia. She is so much more than she seems and I loved as the layers of her story unfolded and the way that they all helped to intertwine her with Diesel. Their's was a great romantic story and I loved watching it all unfold. Diesel is this huge, mammoth guy. Whereas Sofia is petite and tiny. That pairing worked so well for me and I loved how Sofia's witchcraft specialty was so perfectly matched to help with Diesel's issues. I enjoyed watching Diesel and how he has learned to deal with his moon problems and liked his relationship with his brother during those times. Since his brother is also trying to get a break to become a collector, I'm hoping we will get to see more of him...possibly in the next book matched up with a certain succubi??

Because the Collector's story line in this book was not resolved (although the romance was.) I cannot wait to see where else this story line goes because the whole succubi/incubi species are great and I really enjoyed the twists of the succubi in this story especially with her other business. I think it's going to be fun to continue on this thread. I'm really enjoying this series and can already see so many possibilities for where it can go. I personally look forward to reading them all. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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