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Should've Been Home Yesterday by Inez Kelley

Title: Should've Been Home Yesterday
Author: Inez Kelley
My Rating: A+

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Country Roads #3
Main Characters: Webb and Molly
Release Date: July 2014
Publisher: Carina Press
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Book three of Country Roads

Thirteen years ago, Webb Hawkins and Clay McCreedy were best friends, more like brothers than business partners. Determined to push Hawkins Hardwood into the future, their lives were intertwined on every level. Until Webb came home and realized little Molly McCreedy had grown up.

Stay away from my baby sister. It was the one thing Clay had asked of Webb, but it was a promise Webb couldn't keep, and his actions did more than ruin their friendship—it changed everything. Now Clay is dead, Molly is pregnant after a night of memories and alcohol, and a guilt-ridden Webb needs to put things right.

As what begins as a marriage in name only slowly grows to include the love Webb and Molly have always kept carefully buried, a series of fires erupts across Black Cherry Canyon. And an infamous eco-terrorist sets his sights on Molly—the ultimate pawn in his vendetta against Hawkins Hardwood. To save one, Webb may have to let the other go…

My Review:
This has been a series that I've read from the very beginning and I absolutely have enjoyed all three of the books in it, but this one is hands-down the best book so far. OMG, I loved this book. 

The lumber company at the heart of the series is a family lumber company started by two men. Originally both their sons, Clay and Webb, took over the company. Molly, the heroine of the story is Clay's little sister. This is a story with a long history and the story jumps back and forth in 20 years ago, 13 years ago, and present day. Those jumps are HUGE to the impact of this story because of what happened between the three...Clay, Webb, and Molly, especially with the events 13 years ago, that left Clay dead and Webb close to it and scarred for life. Molly didn't come out of the trauma unscathed either. 

Clay & Webb were best friends...inseparable. Molly was the surprise child, born when they were both 10 years old...always the tagalong little sister. From the age of 10 she had a crush on Webb, but it was never reciprocated. Instead she got to watch him and Clay cat around throughout her entire adolescence. That all changed the summer she turned 18 when suddenly Webb saw her as a woman. That set off a horrific set of events that kept the two apart for the next 13 years. For both Webb and Molly, they have feelings, but know that disaster is waiting if they ever act on those feelings again. The problem...they are part of the same circle of friends and you can only avoid one another for a while in certain circumstances. At the wedding of a friend, alcohol is flowing and they give in, with lasting repercussions.

Webb blames himself for Clay's death and knows he doesn't deserve happiness with Molly, no matter how desperately he wants it. I'll be honest, as the story unfolds of what exactly happened between the three, it was shocking. There's a single revelation at the 85% book that had me gasping aloud and I had to set the book  down because I was so blown away by it. Inez Kelley did an amazing job of unwrapping the backstory layer by layer. The story is good, but I couldn't put it down because I had to know exactly what happened. 

At the same time the backstory is unfolding, there's the current day story developing. The unrequited emotions between Webb and Molly were painful as they had a hard time finding a level ground between what they were both feeling and what their brains kept telling them they were allowed to feel or not feel as the case truly was. 

There's also been an eco-terrorist targeting the lumber company throughout the entire series and that whole story came to a head in a shocking, climatic conclusion that had my heart racing and my eyes tearing up. 

It was just an amazing book. Webb is your typical alpha strong male, but the only way he's dealt the last 13 years is by working himself into the ground and closing himself completely off emotionally. Watching him realize that he's going to lose Molly if he continues on this route was both heartbreaking and so romantic to read. His character growth arc is one of the best I've read in a while. And Molly...whoa this girl is tough. She's loved Webb for basically her entire life, but has to come to the realization that sometimes that isn't enough. I loved seeing her become even stronger throughout this book, even when I was sobbing tears with her at the end. 

I HIGHLY recommend this book if you like an angst filled, romantic read featuring a couple of character who are so emotionally wounded. I just wanted to lock them in a log cabin in the woods for a few weeks so they could find their way to each other. Inez Kelley accomplished that in a much more entertaining and emotion filled book that is a contender for one of my TOP READS OF 2014.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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