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Chains of Darkness by Caris Roane

Title: Chains of Darkness
Author: Caris Roane
My Rating: B+

Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Series: Men in Chains #2
Main Characters: Lucian and Claire
Release Date: July 2014
Publisher: St. Martin's Press 
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Lucian has woken up bound in chains in a place he doesn't recognize. Weak from being tortured, beaten and cut to ribbons by a whip, he's filled with anger and confusion. Why is he here? What do his captors want from him? And just how much does his situation have to do with the beautiful woman in front of him? 

Claire doesn't agree with the way her group has treated Lucian...even though he's a vampire. Torn by her own conscience, she asks one critical question: will he chain himself to her for his freedom? Her intention is to keep an eye on him, prevent him from harming anyone, and use him in her quest to stop the vampire race from their bloodthirsty acts of destruction. But Claire didn't expect Lucian's seductive power, and before she knows it, her captive has captured her own heart and soul.

My Review:
This is the second book in the series, although there was a novella serial that came out between the first two books that I didn't read (I didn't realize it was out there until I read this one.) But I really like this world with the blood chains and tracking's a neat twist to add a new inventive way to write about vampires that Caris Roane has created. 

This particular series follows Daniel's sons. Daniel is an evil Ancestral vampire...that's like the top tier of powerful vampires in this world. He had several sons by mating with human women, whom he then killed...the that he could raise his sons as he saw fit. Read this to mean cruel and barbaric. Daniel is not a nice guy. He wants to rule all the vampires and humanity and thought his sons would help him. When they refused, he chained them up and tortured them. They've all been in that state for the last year. 

This book is about Lucian. Most the vampires in this world have women who will be able to work better with them as "tracking mates." Daniel has found who those women are for his sons because he wants to track down a weapon that could mean the end to humanity and the vampire civilization. Claire is Lucian's mate, but instead of working with Daniel, she helps Lucian escape so they can thwart Daniel and his hunt. 

This is a book ripe with tons of action and adventure. From the very beginning there is tons happening on the page. In fact the book only covers three actual days, but so much happens in that time frame, I felt like weeks had passed. There are two goals for Lucian and Claire. She was kidnapped with a friend two years ago by Daniel's minions. Claire is trying to rescue her friend, Zoey. While Lucian is trying to find the weapon before Daniel does. In the midst of all that is a sex club in Italy that they are using as a homebase...and things do get VERY sexy there. 

Hmm, there are some really smexy scenes in this book between Lucian and Claire. He feels like there is this really dark side inside him that comes from his father. Lucian works very hard to keep it under wraps, but he and Claire are tied by blood-chains which enable her to read all parts of him. As a result, she is able to see and free that dark side with him and it makes for some great scenes. Warning...this does touch on BDSM, so if you don't like that, you should know. 

I liked the first book and I really enjoyed this one, too. We see a glimpse of the final couple in the series at the end of the book and neither of them are in a great place...hmm, angst, I do enjoy it. As a result, I think I will REALLy like that one. I can't wait.

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