Thursday, June 12, 2014

In His Sights by Rie Warren

Title: In His Sights
Author: Rie Warren
My Rating: A

Genre: Dystopian Romance (m/m)
Series: Don't Tell Series 
Main Characters: Hawke and Mayce
Release Date: April 2014
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Can two enemies overcome the battles within and the war without to find love? Or will the revolution destroy their chance at happiness?

At the outset of the revolution against the oppressive Company regime, Hawke is a freedom fighter on a mission. Infiltrate Alpha Territory, kick some Corps ass, and stay alive. His plans unravel when he’s captured by the enemy on his first sortie. Prepared for death by the soldier sworn to kill him, all his training couldn’t have prepared him for what happens next. 

A corporal in the Company’s military branch, Mayce is a hard-liner intent on ridding his city of the insurgent threat. Yet one look at the gorgeous Freelander named Hawke and years of yearning and unrealized desires change his course permanently. If discovered, he’ll be branded a traitor and a homosexual—and sentenced to death.

Mayce and Hawke act on their intense and immediate attraction. But amid the escalating revolution their dangerous trysts come at the risk of their own lives, as Hawke soon finds out.

My Review:
How did I miss the release of this one?? This book falls into the Don't Tell dystopian sci-fi world that Rie Warren has created. It doesn't actually play into the series besides some minor glimpses of other characters we know from the other books, but that's all they are...glimpses. This absolutely works as a stand-alone book. This is another book that features an m/m romance. The difference this time is that these two men are most definitely on opposite sides of this war.

The book set up a lot like Soldiers by Aleksandr Voinov, without the incredibly harsh brutality and the 500,000 words...LOL. But the two characters are enemies by war who have such combustible chemistry that they literally go from threatening death to sex in the blink of an eye. As such, they have to meet on the sly which puts both of them at risk for injury, imprisonment, or even death. That lends an adrenaline to their relationship that really makes things very hot and smexy. Whew...this book needs a steam warning.

For Mayce, he's fighting for a government that believes homosexuality should be punishable by death. And since this is his first homosexual relationship, it makes him question everything. How can the love between him and Hawke be so wrong when it feels so incredibly right? Why is he fighting for a government who would kill him for loving Hawke? But it's all that he knows and the problem with a relationship built like this is that he doesn't know what to do. He knows how deeply he feels for Hawke, but what if Hawke sees this as just hot sex?

I loved the way this all played out. It's a novella, but it never felt lacking. There is so much emotion and depth to the story and to their relationship. Unlike the other books in this series, this one jumped back and forth between Hawke and Mayce's POV...I loved that we got to see what both these guys were thinking in depth. It's a beautiful love story about two unlikely, incredibly alpha, sexy, hot soldiers who should never have gotten close enough to fall in love. But they did and it is a wonderful story. I definitely recommend it!

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