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How to Rope a Real Man by Melissa Cutler

Title: How To Rope a Real Man
Author: Melissa Cutler
My Rating: B+

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Catcher Creek #3
Main Characters: Jenna and Matt
Release Date: May 2014
Publisher: Zebra Books
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Against all odds, the Sorentino sisters saved their family’s rundown New Mexico ranch, but the youngest has a dream that just may ruin their hard-earned peace—unless a certain sexy cowboy lawyer changes her mind…

Jenna Sorentino is as independent as they come. Despite her wild past, she’s grown up enough to keep quiet about the identity of her baby’s daddy, go to night college—and hide her plan to escape tiny Catcher Creek. She’s also stopped dreaming of happily ever after—except in the case of gorgeous, rugged, Santa Fe native Matt Roenick. Too bad the oil rights attorney acts like he barely knows she’s alive…

Matt knows only too well that Jenna’s alive—in fact, she’s driving him crazy with desire. But Matt’s got his reasons for resisting her. And when her son’s father shows up, those reasons multiply. Trouble is, Jenna’s secrets are more complicated than he imagined, and forgetting her isn’t as easy as he’d hoped. Matt knows life can be messy as hell. For Jenna, maybe it’s time he got dirty…

The Catcher Creek Cowboy series order is:
COWBOY JUSTICE (Catcher Creek #2)
HOW TO ROPE A REAL MAN (Catcher Creek #3)

My Review:
This is one of those books...when I started reading it, there are a lot of secrets and I kept turning the page trying to figure out what exactly are all the details were. Jenna has secrets. Matt has secrets. And while they aren't life-changing, they felt real in their importance to both these characters and they have good reasons for keeping them secret. I guessed a few of them, but I didn't guess any of the hard details and some of them were pretty surprising...but, no spoilers.

But secrets...when you want to get involved with a lawyer, is that really a good thing? Probably not, but Jenna's secrets aren't just her own to keep, plus she has to protect her son and family. And I know that's vague, but I loved Jenna for keeping quiet like she did. She stood through it all alone for so long and she was so young. This woman is amazing and honestly, she's just trying to survive and keep everyone around her okay. They just have no idea what she's going through. 

And Matt with his wallet full of pictures. Oh, my heart hurt for him and the struggles he's had which were so horrifyingly believable. It would be so easy to see what happened to him, happening to any guy out there. 

These are two characters at a crossroad. They have amazing chemistry and have been friends for a few months which makes their relationship seem like a given, but those secrets... They have the ability to hurt...a lot. It was an interesting book. Every time I thought the story was going to unfold a certain way, Melissa Cutler surprised me and went the complete opposite. I love her writing for that reason. I can't predict where she's going to go with the story line and it keeps me engrossed in the story and turning the page until I look up and it's WAY TOO LATE at night for me to still be up reading. I love her story telling ability. 

One of the things that made this book so good were the amazing secondary characters. I fell in love with two of them and really, really hope that Melissa takes it upon herself to write their stories. Jake...the LAPD cop who's so obviously hurting (he's sexy, tattooed, AND carries a weapon). While he found a measure of happiness in this book, I don't think his story is over. He's still in too vulnerable of a spot...and by vulnerable, I mean tough, sexy, and protective, but umm...yeah, this guy's still hurting. Then there's Carson. I wasn't sure about him and don't want to say a thing because you won't be sure about him either, but he has so many possibilities...(also sexy, tattooed, and carries a weapon...he's a Marine). I am crossing my fingers that there are several more to come in this series or maybe even a spin-off series. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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