Friday, May 30, 2014

Crazy from the Heat by Mercy Celeste

Title: Crazy from the Heat
Author: Mercy Celeste
My Rating: B

Genre: Romantic Suspense (m/m) 
Series: -
Main Characters: Grey and Paul
Release Date: April 2014
Publisher: MJC Press
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Life is like high school.
For Grey Talbot teaching high school history was a choice. When a gorgeous blond punk of a kid walks into his class with attitude to spare, Grey fears his choice might just be his undoing.

High school kids kept getting younger and Paul Gaines stayed the same. Moving from one city narcotics unit to the next, his youthful looks and slender body made him a perfect undercover cop for the job.

Meeting the professor wasn't part of the deal. The man was smart sexy and off limits even if he was younger than Paul.

For Grey getting involved with one of his students, even if that student wore a badge meant playing with fire. Fire that could burn them both.
My Review:
I enjoy Mercy Celeste's style of writing and this book was no exception. I spotted this on her list for coming releases months ago and was so excited about the plot. I grew up on 21 Jumpstreet so this was right up my alley. (Note: there were also several references in the book to the show and I loved that, too.)

In the book, Grey is a history teacher in high school. He has his phD (and is why Paul calls him professor), although he's still very young... only 27-28. Paul is a student in his class, although he's actually an undercover 30 yo detective posing at the school with his "brother" (also a cop). Although, Paul's cover is blown with Grey fairly early in the book, this is still very much a forbidden relationship for both of them because it could cause one or probably both of them to lose their jobs. For Paul especially, he has a history of issues on his job which could ultimately be in jeopardy if he skirts the line again. But they have incredible chemistry and neither has been real sexually active lately so it's hard to resist the pull toward one another. 

I've read a couple of really scathing reviews for the book and I can see a few of the points as far as the believability of aspects of the story line, but hello...did you read the story description? I knew those aspects were going to be there going into it and it wasn't anything that kept me from enjoying the story. There were also mention of editing issues and honestly, I didn't see anything more than most books (including from the big-name publishers) have these days. Humans proofread and edit these books...and no matter how many people view them, things slip by. But if you are someone who is super-anal about those things, then you may want to stay away from this book as there were a few words that were wrong, etc.

There was a LOT revealed at the very end with lots of twists and double-crosses. It was a bit confusing about what exactly was truth and what exactly was acting and tricking other people into confessing. I did get lost with the exact facts, besides who ultimately was in charge of the entire coverup... and that surprised me as well as another little twist which I totally didn't see coming. I love it when I get shocks like that. 

But overall, I'm so glad I picked this one up. I already knew that I liked the author, but did worry after reading a few of the reviews. I shouldn't have worried. The book worked for me and provided great entertainment for a few hours time. I also feel the need to go back and re-watch some 21 Jumpstreet episodes.

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