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When We Met by Susan Mallery

Title: When We Met
Author: Susan Mallery
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Fool's Gold #13
Main Characters: Angel and Taryn
Release Date: April 2014
Publisher: Harlequin
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery invites you back to Fool's Gold, where a newcomer to town might finally meet the man she never knew she needed…

Angel Whittaker earned his scars the hard way, but the scars that can't be seen are the ones that haunt him the most. Since he moved to Fool's Gold, California, he's cobbled together a life for himself as a bodyguard trainer. If he's not exactly happy, at least his heart is safe.

Working with pro-football superstars taught tough-talking PR woman Taryn Crawford one thing—she can go toe to toe with any man. But then dark, dangerous former Special Ops Angel targets her for seduction…and challenges her to resist his tempting kisses.

Even in four-inch heels, Taryn never backs down. Unless, somehow, Angel can convince her that surrender might feel even better than victory.

My Review:
You know, I keep expecting for this series to get old. This is the 13th book in it, but they don't...not at all. Fool's Gold keeps getting bigger and I fall a little more in love with it in every book. 

This book had two wonderful main characters...Taryn and Angel. 

Angel is a former special forces dude that is part owner of the bodyguard school in Fool's Gold. He's scarred, big, muscular, and serious, but truly has a heart of gold. He lost his wife and 14 yo son to a car accident six years ago and has the mental scars that go with that kind of horrific loss. But he's still a giving guy. In this book, he ends up in charge of a group of 7 yr old little girls in a Fool's Gold version of the girl scouts...and I LOVED reading those scenes where he's interacting with them. They terrify him, but he's so good with them in his gruff way. 

Then there's Taryn. She's my fashion heroine. This is a girl that likes her spiked heels and power suits because she likes (and needs) the burst of confidence that comes with them. Her shoes define her and they say that this girl likes her sexy heels. She works with three ex-pro NFL football players in a PR company. I love how direct she is. Working with the guys has transformed her view of all guys because she has to deal with them every day and their physical regime and drama. She's tough, she's  direct, she's honest, but she has such an incredible heart...one that she's really not comfortable with. She's used to life in LA where she doesn't get involved. That isn't a choice she has in this small town. They suck her in...bigtime. 

The two get involved, but it's not a relationship in the pure sense of the word. They go into it...not just for sex...it is more than that, but they know that this isn't going to result in a love match. Neither one of them wants that or feels that they even have the ability to fall in love any longer.  

I loved the two of them together. They are upfront and honest about what they want from each other. Their relationship is incredibly hot and fun. Taryn helps Angel with his sprout troop and he helps her learn how to be a little less girly. 

There were so many moments that just made me smile in this book... 
*When Angel learned how to french braid. 
*The many discussions (by everyone) about Taryn's shoes. 
*The 3 nfl players and how they protect Taryn at the same time use her as a somewhat mother figure in the company. I loved Taryn and Jack's relationship and the history there that resulted in such an amazing friendship. 
*Then there's little Chloe and her final interactions with Angel...so sweet and heartbreaking and heartwarming. So many little vignettes that made this into just one incredible book. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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