Monday, March 3, 2014

Let It Go by Mercy Celeste

Title: Let It Go
Author: Mercy Celeste
My Rating: A+

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Main Characters: Creed and Eli
Release Date: September 2012
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
When alcohol and fierce tempers land two cowboys from the rodeo circuit under house arrest, it may be time to Let It Go. Can hidden secrets and a common enemy hold the key to happiness or... will they destroy them both? 

Creed was the main focus of Eli’s fierce temper. For ten years the two men left a trail of destruction in their wake, with rodeo, beer, and fists all they had in common. Until a judge had enough and sentenced them to house arrest—in the same house. They’d either learn to get along or they’d kill each other.

Trapped on Eli’s rundown Florida ranch, Creed discovers Eli’s secret, one that he shares. But he didn’t count on Eli learning all of his secrets, especially the one that would shatter their newfound truce.

Scarred to his bones, Eli avoided relationships like the plague. Yet something about the quiet Creed had always pushed his buttons. Falling in love with him was never part of Eli’s plan. When it happens he’s unprepared and out of his league.

When a shared enemy comes calling Eli can only think of keeping Creed safe. He never dreamed that their lives were linked or that Creed’s former life could destroy them both. Will love be enough to save them?

My Review:
This book was so good, but I'll be honest with absolutely is not going to be a book for everyone. One of the characters in the book is repeatedly assaulted and raped (via mostly memories) throughout the book and those scenes are a bit difficult, especially as you get further into the book and realize the character's mindset in those scenes.

Eli and Creed have had a contentious relationship for ten years as they've worked the rodeo circuit together. Eli is known for his temper and he loves to throw it at Creed. Creed has tried to stay out of Eli's way, but "Red" knows how to push all his buttons. They haven't seen each other in three years when the book takes place, but then Eli spots Creed and begins to push things. Next thing they both know they are in jail and being sentenced by a arrest on Eli's ranch. Neither one is sure if they'll survive it, but they do and it's such a good story, because there has always been so much more going on behind the scenes that neither of these guys have realized...driving them toward and away from each other. 

What they don't realize is that they've both been abused by the same man over those ten years. Both abused, but in very different, but equally horrific ways. As they begin to connect, they begin to realize just how much they do have in common...although they don't realize just how deep it all goes...well, I guess it's more that Eli doesn't realize. These guys broke my heart...seriously, such wounded and scarred characters. Eli carries the physical scars, but Creed carries the deeper mental ones. Well, actually they both have mental scars that make it so difficult for either of them to reach out and trust. But when they do, those scenes are incredible in their sweetness and romantic soft moments. Almost every time I expected one of them to push the other away, the author would instead take them into an incredibly tender heartbreaking moment that simply melted my heart. 

These characters got to me and touched me in so many different ways. I fell in love with both of them and loved getting to watch their story...even when I was reading it through my tears.I loved every moment of reading this book. This is one of those books that I got sadder and sadder as I watched the pages go by because I didn't want it to end. I will definitely re-read this one again. Yes, it absolutely was that good.  


Vanessa Romano said...

Well.... someone just sold a book. Gah! I love the dark and twisty and too messed up to survive characters. Now I must find time to read it.

Christi Snow said...

Yeah, I think you'll like this one, Vanessa. Lmk. Smiles....

Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound like a book that I'd be interested in reading, but I'm really happy that you enjoyed it Christi! It's been a while since I've been able to visit my friends blogs and I LOVE your new design!!