Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kill Shot (audiobook) by Liliana Hart

Title: Kill Shot
Author: Liliana Hart
My Rating: A
Narrator: Noah Michael Levine

Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Series: The Collective #1
Main Characters: Grace and Gabe
Release Date: March 2013
Publisher: -
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:

Grace Meredith is the CIA's most deadly assassin. Too bad she's gone off the grid and become a mercenary for hire. After the death of her daughter by a sniper's bullet, Grace can no longer stomach the demands of agency life or keep herself from blaming the only man she's ever loved. Her mind and body are fragile, and she knows she's just a step away from breaking down completely. 

Gabe Brennan holds the weight of the world on his shoulders. As one of the most brilliant black ops agents the CIA has ever employed, he knows it's no one's fault but his own that his child was gunned down in cold blood. He might not have been able to save his daughter, but he's determined to save his wife. He only has to find her first.

Sexual tension crackles between Gabe and Grace from the moment they're reunited, but between the man who is hunting them, a secret that's been buried for eighty years, and a turbulent past--the odds are stacked against them.

My Review:
Overall.... 4.50
Performance... 5.0
Story.... 4.50

This was an audiobook that I bought simply based off the author's name and how much I've enjoyed the J.J. Graves mystery books on audio. I didn't really pay that close of attention to the story description, so the story took me completely by surprise especially Grace's side of the story line. 

Grace is a sniper. That in and of itself takes a strong person, but Grace has been living with one goal....revenge. She wants revenge on the man who's responsible for the murder of her daughter and if that costs her her life, well, then she's okay with that too. Grace is truly a shell. 

The man who hates to see her this way is Gabe, her ex-husband. He's willing to do whatever it takes to get Grace to live and to care about living again, so he hires her to be part of his new black ops team, the Collective. The Collective is tracking a new biological weapon that has to be stopped before it hits the market.

I LOVED the set-up of this series. The story between Grace and Gabe was riveting and heart-breaking, but it also had serious steam and romance to it. But this book is so much more than that. There's a fabulous suspense story that kept me guessing around each turn. The Collective is a five-man team and I loved the way that all these guys interact. 

The narrator did an amazing job with the accents and inflections for each of these characters so they each really stood out on the audio. There are a lot of scenes where all the characters are speaking to each other (all in the same scene) via earpieces and walkie talkies. I'm amazed at how effortlessly I was able to follow the scenes just by the narrators skill with the different voices. I'm usually not a huge fan of male narrators, but he did an AMAZING JOB!

Everything about this book was great. I cannot wait for more in this series...seriously, so well-done. I need some more Collective books pronto!

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