Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bonds of Desire by Lynda Aicher

Title: Bonds of Desire
Author: Lynda Aicher
My Rating: A- 

Genre: Erotic Romance 
Series: Wicked Play #3
Main CharactersTyler, Allie, and Seth
Release Date: November 2013
Publisher: Carina Press
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Book three of Wicked Play

Lawyer Allison English never planned to return to The Den—despite her naughty fantasies about being bound by owner Seth Matthews. But when club guest Tyler Wysong is injured in a scene, Seth turns to Allie for help. Aroused by both men, Allie should turn the case down. But she can't…

After his bad experience, Tyler has no interest in being with another Dom. Yet he can't deny his attraction to Master Seth. When Seth offers him a place to stay, Tyler agrees—if Allie will stay too. But what good is a chaperone who adds to his temptation?

Living with two subs brings out Seth's protective instincts, though Allie insists she's not into the lifestyle, and Tyler swears he's done with it. But the chemistry between the trio prompts them to agree to submit to him for one week, and he'll show them both the true pleasure that a Dom can provide.

The intimacy could break them all, or bind them together forever

My Review:
I had to go back and grab Book #3 of this series after I read #5...just because of the connection between Tyler and Carter, who both worked for the agency. This book didn't disappoint. I will admit there are a few things which will require the reader to suspend a bit of disbelief overall, but I loved the story so much, I had no issue doing just that. 

The book starts with the owners of the Den deciding if/when to break in on a scene where a sub is being abused. In a BDSM club, this isn't something that's done....that's why people come to these be able to act out this kind of scene with no recriminations, but something doesn't feel right and Seth breaks it up....rightfully so, since the sub didn't have a safeword and was being tortured. That sub was Tyler, who is a male escort and has to do the job he's hired to do, even if it means physical torture. Allie is brought in as a lawyer to represent him if he needs it because by the time it's all said and done, he's in no shape to really represent his own wishes. 

This is a book about a triad relationship and it's an interesting balance set up between these three. Seth is the Dom. He owns the club and acts as Dom there, although he's the first to admit,  he's really not into the scene...he just likes to be in charge. Tyler has a bit of Dom in him too, but he also loves to submit to Seth. He needs that. He's a Dom to Allie, but a sub to Seth. And then Allie just needs someone to tell her what to do...she's a lawyer by day and needs to give up that control sometime. The relationship is set in the BDSM world, but it's very, very light in that world. They have a set structure about who's in charge, but it really doesn't go past that besides a bit of light bondage. For them, this is more about the relationship than the BDSM because these three characters are a cohesive group. From the moment they begin to interact, they realize that and if one person is out of their triad, it doesn't work anymore. That part of the story worked for me. 

What also worked for me was Tyler's whole part of the story. He's stuck in a bad situation and you can feel his emotional turmoil and upheaval and awful self-worth leap off the page when you're in his POV. Tyler absolutely made this story for me. 

Overall, I liked this one. There were a few points that I could sit down and point out with a "no way", but I loved every minute of reading the book regardless of those so I decided to simply ignore them. ;o)


Kim Muhl said...

Added this one to my TBR. Love how you explained the menage dynamic

Christi Snow said...

Definitely let me know what you think about it, Kim! I enjoyed it alot! smiles...