Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Backup Boyfriend by River Jaymes

Title: The Backup Boyfriend
Author: River Jaymes
My Rating: A+

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: The Boyfriend Chronicles #1
Main Characters: Alec and Dylan
Release Date: November 2013
Publisher: -
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:

Professionally, Dr. Alec Johnson has almost reached his goals. As this year’s recipient of a humanitarian award with his ex, Dr. Tyler Hall, Alec’s work with the homeless is about to be recognized. Unfortunately, his personal life sucks because now he has to attend several events alongside Tyler—with his ex’s new boyfriend in tow. In an attempt to lift his mood and break out of his rut, Alec purchases a motorcycle he has no idea how to start. 

Dylan Booth doesn't have time for Dr. Clueless and his fickle 1964 Harley, but the cocky mechanic can’t say no to the request for help. Having spent his teen years on the streets, and losing his best friend to HIV, Dylan decides teaching the do-gooder how to ride is the least he can do. But watching Alec flounder in his ex's company throws Dylan into protector mode, and the confirmed hetero introduces himself as Alec's new boyfriend. 

The ex suspects Dylan is lying. 

Alec claims Dylan’s plan is insane. 

And Dylan’s not sure he can fake being gay. 

But he’s a master bullshitter, and the phony PDA soon turns ultra-hot. Alec can’t afford to get attached, and Dylan’s learned everyone eventually leaves. Unfortunately, playing the backup boyfriend is starting to feel way too real… 

CONTENT WARNING: This book contains Man-on-Man action, adult situations, and language. 

My Review:
OMG, this was such a good book. This is one of those books that when I hit the last page, I wanted to refresh the book and go right back to the beginning and start reading again because I wasn't ready for it to end. I loved this book. 

Dylan and Alec...such a great couple although in Dylan's eyes, they never are that....they are just friends...with benefits. Who happen to sleep together every night. And eat together every evening. And spend every spare minute together when they aren't at work. But they aren't a couple. Yeah. Dylan has a slightly skewed viewpoint on the world and relationships, but whoa...does he have some good (heartbreaking) reasons for that. Alec is also Dylan's first male sexual partner. But Dylan is a strong believer in not labeling things...any of them, which helps so that he doesn't have to face up to them. He has no problem with homosexuality. No, his issues date back to his best friend who died and was gay. They lived and survived on the streets together and his death has left a huge hole in Dylan's heart. One that he never plans on filling or repairing. It's complex.

Friends-to-lovers and gay-for-you are two of my favorite tropes and this book is a prime example of why I love this story line so much. Things are so incredibly hot and heavy between Alec and Dylan and it's a pretty sudden thing for both of them and that makes it so much hotter. It was believable because at his core, Dylan is a sexual guy and he really doesn't have sexual hang-ups like most people do. Meeting his gay friend and being on the street at age 15 took away those pre-perceptions that most people has. He's surprised by his sudden sexual feelings for a man, but doesn't have an issue with it. To him, they're friends and that made his view on the relationship almost more pure than Alec's. Because for so long, Alec has been all about the labels. The book provides an interesting insight into those issues. I don't know if the author set about to purposefully make a statement about labels vs. true emotions, but she did do it and it's powerful. I loved that aspect of the story. 

This was a great book and we met a slew of other characters that are set up to have gorgeous stories of their own in this series. I, for one, can't wait and am excited to see whats' to come.

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