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Stealing Justice by Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano

Title: Stealing Justice
Author: Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano
My Rating: B+ 

Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Series: The Justice Team #1
Main Characters: Grey and Sydney
Release Date: January 2014
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:

In this first book in a thrilling new romantic suspense series…
Justice “Grey” Greystone was fired from the FBI for insubordination. Now the FBI wants him to use his renegade skills to take down a serial killer who’s above the law. To trap the Lion, Grey will need to send the perfect woman undercover.
Sydney Banfield runs a women’s shelter and bends the law daily to help victims of abuse escape their painful lives. Three of the women she’s recruited for government jobs have become victims of the Lion. If Syd has her way, the vicious killer will never touch another woman again.
Grey and Sydney set a trap—with Sydney as the sexy bait—but the Lion adds a complex twist to his homicidal agenda. With Sydney’s life on the line, Grey must race against the clock to catch a killer who’s as unstoppable as he is evil.

My Review:
This turned out to be the start to what I think is going to be a great series. I'll admit to some doubts early on when I wasn't absolutely in love with the heroine. She's a straightforward girl who doesn't think twice about going after what she wants and that is Grey, but sometimes she seems almost a little too harsh. But by the 30% point in the book, those feelings began to shift as I got to know her better and why she was the way that she was. She has very good reasons for why she's this way...her life hasn't been easy and all her life choices are based on those hardships. She's one tough girl and I slowly but definitely fell in love with her character and her spunk. And I loved the way that she and Grey were the PERFECT match for each other.

See, Grey is just as crazy and messed up as Syd. He just tends to hide it better. But they "get" each other. He stole my heart as he brought her box after box of decadent cupcakes. Seriously, how can you not love a guy who brings little frosted cakes when she's stressed? Between the cupcakes and his absolute loyalty to his on-the-run former partner. *sigh* This guy made my heart melt and then by the time the angry sex rolled around I was a puddle every time he was on the page. I loved this character. So sweet. So committed. Such a perfect match for Syd.

Overall this was a great book. Both characters had a great backstory which played heavily into the actions of this book and the way the characters have developed. Everything from Syd's mother to Grey's constant battle with the SAC and the FBI, I loved. Monroe, Grey's former partner, stole the page every time he appeared on it. I can't wait for his story. The suspense line was probably the weakest part of the story just because it didn't feel all that suspenseful to me. But the danger was definitely there and the tension for both Grey and Syd.

I've been a fan of Adrienne Giordano for a while and I'll admit that this is my first book by Misty Evans although I have a couple of her books in my TBR. This is a good partnership. I look forward to reading more from the two of them and both of them writing together.  

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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