Saturday, January 18, 2014

Slide by Garrett Leigh

Title: Slide
Author: Garrett Leigh
My Rating: A 

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Roads #1
Main Characters: Ash and Pete
Release Date: October 2013
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Don’t look back. Don’t you ever look back… 

Shy tattoo artist Ash has a troubled past. Years of neglect, drug abuse, and life on the streets have taken their toll, and sometimes it seems the deep, unspoken bond with his lover is the only balm for wounds he doesn’t quite understand. 

Chicago paramedic Pete is warmth, love, and strength—things Ash never knew he could have, and never even knew he wanted until Pete showed him. But fate is a cruel, cruel mistress, and when nightmares collide with the present, their tentatively built world comes crashing down. 

Traumatic events in Pete’s work life distance him from home, and he doesn’t realize until it’s too late that Ash has slipped away. Betrayal, secrets, and lies unfold, and when a devastating coincidence takes hold, Pete must fight with all he has to save the love of his life.

My Review:
This was a really interesting book. Half the book is told from Ash's point of view. The other half is told from Pete's point of view. They are very different guys. Ash has issues....mental, deep issues that he doesn't understand or really even how to control. Pete is a paramedic. He's trained to notice problems, but also works a very high stress job and deals with his own issues as a result. The book covers two years and it starts with the guys barely knowing each other as they become roommates. But as time progresses, they become friends and more. Pete has enough training to spot and understand how to deal with Ash when he gets a bit altered...most the time, but life is certainly never smooth sailing for these guys. 

This is one of those books full of angst. As a reader, you never know what is going to set Ash off. He is really hard to read and understand, but part of that difficulty is because Ash doesn't even truly understand why he is the way that he is. You just know that something is wrong with him, but Pete makes him more even-keeled. Pete calms him and there isn't much that is able to do that.

The most disconcerting part of the story was when Ash would just kind of phase out, but Pete was known to do it too. I don't know if the author just used that affectation as a way to show stress in these men, or something else. It was a bit odd especially since they both did it on occasion. There were several tiny inconsistencies throughout the story that just didn't make sense like that, but overall this book was so good, I could overlook them. I liked the characters and the back story and the slow development of the relationship. 

I fell in love with these guys and wanted to see them find their Happily Ever After. The thing that keeps you reading is the doubt that it's ever going to happen. The odds are so against them. If you like angst, the odds are good, you will like this one. 

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