Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Secrets and Ink by Lou Harper

Title: Secrets and Ink
Author: Lou Harper
My Rating: B+

Genre: Romantic Suspense (m/m)
Series: -
Main Characters: Jem and Nick
Release Date: December 2013
Publisher: Samhain
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
When Karma writes you a ticket, pay up or else…

If life was like the movies, Jem Mitchell’s wouldn’t be such a mess. In LA’s glittering world of dreams, he works an unglamorous job at a gourmet grocery store. His past is so deep and dark, the details are lost even to him. All he knows is he was once cursed by a meter maid, and ever since, his love life has sucked.

When Detective Nick Davies becomes a regular at the store, Jem dares to hope he’s un-hexed at last. He should have known that sex with a remarkably normal guy, devoid of weird fetishes and fatal personality flaws, was too good to be true.

During a post-encounter cuddle, Nick recognizes the tattoo on Jem’s back—and remembers him as a young hustler he arrested nine years past.

As Jem’s memories come crashing back, he flees from Nick, but fate contrives to keep pushing them back together. And when Jem’s old partner in crime is found murdered, the stakes are raised for life, for love, and a dangerous drama with no guarantee of a Hollywood ending.

Warning: Stars a mild-mannered store clerk with a shady past, a hunky cop whose passion in the bedroom is as big as his passion for justice, and celebrity sightings you won’t see on TMZ.

My Review:
Jem is an interesting character and this book is definitely built around him. He's a grocery store clerk now, but he has a pretty sordid past. He was a wild teen....drugs, hooking, stealing....definitely on his way to nowhere good. But he doesn't live that lifestyle anymore. As it is, his very sedate lifestyle he has is trying to kill him. See, Jem is pretty sure he's cursed. He definitely has more than his fair share of bad luck which culminated when a house fell on top of him. As a result of that accident, Jem is also not so great remembering people. 

Then he meets Nick who he sees first on the street and then Nick starts to come to the grocery store where he works. Nick is a detective and their relationship builds very slowly and romantically. It's obvious that Nick really likes Jem, but he doesn't recognize Jem as that kid he arrested and Jem just plain doesn't remember things like that anymore...and the story and intrigue develops from there. 

As I was reading this book, I couldn't help but fall in love with Jem. He screwed up as a kid and will admit that quicker than anyone. But now he's an adult with adult desires and dreams. He wants to meet that perfect guy someday, but his reality is that life tends to kick him in the teeth over and over again. When things fall apart with Nick, it breaks his heart, but he knows that this is just a fact of his life. For his part, Nick really did like Jem and so it's hard for him to let go especially when it becomes apparent that there's something more sinister going on in Jem's life. 

It was an interesting story with some suspenseful twists in it. The backstory between the two men provided great conflict. I enjoyed both their characters and reading about how their relationship developed and evolved. Overall, it was simply a fun evening's read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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