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Promo Post: A Taste of Humanity by Sheila Stewart

Thank you so much for having me on your blog Christi. And thank you for the wonderful review.  I’m so glad you enjoyed my book. 

A Taste of Humanity
1 Night Stand. Ever had one? Wondered about having one? Decadent Publishing have. They’ve had 200 of them.  Can you imagine? 200! And it's all thanks to Madame Eve.  What a woman she is. Single handedly taking on the task of finding that one right person to fulfil your wants, needs and desires. And she never misses. What a track record. So you can understand why I found it hard to turn down an opportunity to have my own one night stand.  And so, A Taste of Humanity was born.  In case you haven’t figured it out. 1 Night Stand is a series of books by Decadent publishing.  (Shakes head if you didn’t figure that out)
So what is a Taste of Humanity about? Two people looking for something different in their lives. Penny Parker, looking for some excitement in her life. Cade O’Donnell, looking to lose his virginity.  Come on, you must be thinking. How is it a grown man could still be a virgin? Well, without spoiling it, let me just say there are different meanings to virginity. 
I was thrilled to write something that involved couples coming together for one night or day and living out their fantasies.  I like to add a touch of mystery to my stories and I did exactly that with A Taste of Humanity.
I set the fling in the city of sin, Las Vegas, because I’ve always wanted to go to Vegas. I did research into Vegas, the shows, gambling and the lights. Normally I hate research, but because Vegas has always intrigued me, I was happy to do it this time.  Not only did I research the live shows, but the streets and hotel as well. I wanted to get the details right and draw the readers in and make them feel like they’re actually in Vegas. I added in every detail of the hotel the couple stay in as well as the sounds and sites. I had so much fun doing it that now I want to go there even more. 
Penny is a rather shy young woman. She was raised by paranoid parents who rarely let her out of their sight. Being on her own has been a challenge, but she has thrived. Well, in everything but her sex life. And that is why she went to Madame Eve.  Little did she know what the night would bring. 
Cade…well, Cade as you know is a virgin of sorts. He’s been taunted by everyone he knows and has finally had enough. It's time he did the deed so to speak. He is anything but shy. He’s lived an exciting life, been all over the world and aside from his virginity, he’s respected by everyone.  Okay, feared by most. In his line of work, it’s a must. Not sure what I’m talking about. Well, you have to read the book to find out. 
So  there you have it. A tiny glimpse into how I got started writing A Taste of Humanity. Now check out the blurb and leave a comment and tell me what you think.

A Taste of Humanity:
One night of passion could be fatal!
Wanting some excitement in her life, Penny Parker heads to Vegas. She’s hoping the guy Madame Evangeline has set her up with will give her more than a thrill.
Cade O’Donnell is a virgin…of sorts. Wanting something he’s never had before, he signs up for the 1 Night Stand service. Deciding to meet his match in Vegas seems the right setting for his tryst. What better place to have a fling than in the Sin City.
Thrills are abundant when Penny and Cade get together. But will it be more than she bargained for? Has Cade bitten off more than he can chew?
“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling rather keyed up.” 
Oh, she felt it too. “What a perfect idea. I’m ready if you are and…wow, that sounded really—” 
He cut her off with his lips, kissing her silent. “Stop over thinking things.” He waved his hand and the limo pulled up to the curb. The driver got out and held the door for them. 
She climbed into the car and once again, the magnificent view astonished her. “Must be nice to live like this.” 
“It has its moments. Drink?” He pulled out the mini bar. 
“Sure.” She took the champagne flute and watched the lights and action slip past them as they drove. 
“Have I told you how attractive you are?” 
She looked back to him. “I don’t believe so.” 
“How silly of me.” He ran his finger along her cheek. “It blows my mind. I’m a lucky guy to have been given you.”
“You were expecting an uggo?” He sounded like he had more in mind for her than just one night of fun and that kind of worried her. The whole idea was a wham-bam-see-you-never deal. 
“No, I saw your picture, but you’re more attractive in person. I was set up on a blind date once with a woman who looked like a model, until she took her clothes off. I wasn't entirely sure she had been born a female.” 
“Wow, that’s…gross. What did you do?” 
“I faked that I’d gotten a text and hurried out of there.” 
“And the person who set you up?” 
“Is sitting at the bottom of Chesapeake Bay, wearing a nice pair of cinder block shoes.” 
The wine glass paused at her lips, and she stared at him in shocked disbelief. 
“I never spoke to him again.” He laughed. 
Relieved that he had been joking, she drank her wine, and when the car came to a halt at their hotel, she took a deep breath. Finally, they would get to the reason for this encounter.
The driver opened the door for them, and after Cade climbed out, he held his hand out to her. Taking it, he pulled her from the car and right into his arms. The way he looked at her made her feel like the only woman in the world. His breath came out so quietly and softly. 
“Ready?” He caressed her cheek with his fingers. 
“More than.” This time she took the initiative, drew him closer, and pressed her lips to his in a mind-numbing kiss. She knew he felt it by the way his arms tightened around her, his breath quickening in her ear, and when she finally broke the embrace, she reveled in the dreamy look in his eyes. 
When his tongue slipped out between his lips, running along the edge of where she had kissed, she had the strangest urge to take it between her teeth. 
“We should go up to our room,” she stated breathlessly. 
“That would be best.” He led her through the lobby and to the elevators. The doors had barely closed before he pressed her to the back wall and drank in her lips. His mouth was fierce; his hands roamed over her. She prayed that no one needed the elevator anytime soon. He drove her wild kissing her, touching, and when he thrust his hips against her, she knew he was just as keyed up as she was. 
Startled, Penny turned her head and was surprised to see a man and a woman enter the car. She hadn’t even noticed the elevator had stopped. Giving her shirt a tug, she turned to Cade, grinning. He tucked her in under his arm and whispered in her ear. 
“Why’d you stop?” 
Her eyes widened as she tipped her head to other passengers, indicating they were not alone and she had no intention of giving them a peep show. 
The elevator came to a halt and the couple quickly scurried out. Before the doors had closed, Cade stepped in front of her, a wicked grin on his face, his eyes twinkling teasingly. “Want to finish where we left off?” 
God did she ever, but then the bell dinged and the doors opened to their floor. 
“Looks like we’re here.” 

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