Monday, October 14, 2013

Kicking off Decadent's 1NS Birthday Celebration

All this week, Decadent is celebrating the birthday of their 1NS imprint. I will be hostessing and reviewing 1NS books all week long, too. Join in the celebration!

Have I mentioned I have a 1NS novella coming out??
It's my first foray into writing m/m and I'm really excited about it. I just love Jason and Mark. The story takes place on Christmas Eve so it's full of holiday ambiance and magic.

The Christmas Top
by Christi Snow
(releasing late Nov/early Dec from Decadent's 1NS)

Mark Cummins knows it’s time for him to come out of the closet, but he has one fantasy that he’s never had fulfilled. He’s never been topped. When he receives his invitation from Madame Eve for a 1 Night Stand, he knows this is just the Christmas gift that he needs.

Jason Wieland’s life partner died in a horrific hate crime two years ago. He hasn’t taken a lover since. When his best friend, Molly Cummins, sets him up with Madame Eve’s service, he knows it’s time to get back into the dating world. He just isn’t sure what to do with the extremely masculine, extremely sexy, and extremely straight Mark when he shows up. He’s been fodder for Jason’s fantasy life since high school.

Is this some Christmas magic or a cruel idea of a joke? Only Madame Eve and her magical intuition know….


Felicia S said...

Such a fun celebration :) :)

Amy said...

You're writing a 1NS!!?? Go You!! Can't wait to read it!!