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Private Dicks by Katie Allen

Title:  Private Dicks
Author: Katie Allen
My Rating: A- 

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Private Dicks #1
Release Date: November 2009
Main Characters: Rhodes and Wash
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Ex-cop Isaac Rhodes is a tough and intimidating private investigator with a talent for kicking in doors and knocking bail jumpers' heads together. His only soft spot is for his partner, Nate Washington—though Wash makes him anything but soft. He's silently lusted after Wash for a year, until his desire drives him to finally come out to his partner.

This confession leads to Wash admitting a few secrets of his own, unleashing needs that result in hot, sweaty, sexy, man-on-man intimacy. Rhodes is elated...until Wash admits he's unsure if he's willing to endure the often prejudice-filled life of an outed gay man. Crushed, Rhodes backs off. But one missing child—and a gun to Wash's head—convinces Rhodes to do whatever it takes to get his man.

Reader Advisory: Private Dicks burns the pages with scorching scenes of gorgeous men engaging in the most intimate of "investigations".

My Review:
Okay, let's put it out there right up front. The name of this book is unfortunate (although I will works with the story line of the two Private Investigators) but it makes this book look like some sort of bad porno. But the book is really, really good. I picked it up after  J9 over at The Book Vixen reviewed it and I'm so glad that I did.

Wash and Rhodes have been partners as PI's for over a year. When the book starts, Rhodes is dealing with some lust for his partner who doesn't realize he's gay. A year ago, Rhodes was basically kicked off the police force when it came out he was gay so he's not exactly anxious to share that information. But it's been a year and things aren't getting better. In fact, it's so bad Rhodes is thinking he should leave the partnership. But then Wash is razzing him and it comes out....Rhodes is gay. Wash is ticked, but not about the gay thing. He's ticked because Rhodes didn't share. Wash has his own little secret and things heat up from there.

But both guys are worried about their partnership. They sure don't want to mess that up with a relationship that could go south....especially Wash. He relies on Rhodes as his friend and partner in the business. He doesn't want to do anything to risk that, but after these two open that can of worms, it's hard to resist their chemistry. To complicate things is  the uber-hot bouncer Trevor willing to take Wash's place as Rhodes' lover...that jealousy keeps driving these two back together. 

I enjoyed this book a lot. First and foremost, these guys are friends so they are working within the parameters of that established friendship. The book is told entirely from Rhodes's point of view, but it's Wash that's having the torn feelings over whether to accept the relationship or not. I really loved Trevor too. He really likes Rhodes. Between Rhodes and Wash, Wash is the gorgeous, gregarious one...and it would be really easy for Rhodes to get torn down by Wash's rejection of him. To have Trevor there willing to step in at any time, I thought helped to keep his self-esteem up. Plus, Trevor is just a GREAT character (and YAY....he is one of the heroes in book #2 in this series). There's also a bit of a mystery about Trevor's past that wasn't answered in this book and I want to know more. 

Overall, this was a great m/m book. It had a fabulous story...the romance, yes, but there was also a great PI story line that I loved. I've never read this author before but I love her voice. I can't wait to read book #2. Immediately when I finished this one, I got online and ordered it so it's sitting and waiting on my kindle today! Whoohoo!

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